What are the best cotton bedsheets to buy?

What are the best cotton bedsheets to buy?

Posted on: July 1st, 2020 12:13 PM

The Best Cotton Bed Sheets 2020 and Buying Guide

Purchasing a suitable cotton bedsheet for your bedroom could be a task of great hustle. There are a lot of parameters you need to consider like color, length, material, heaviness, durability, washing instructions, return policy and many more. Therefore, you need to be a little bit more informative before purchasing the best cotton bedsheets for your home. 


What Makes Cotton a more Preferred Choice?

Bedsheets are made of many materials like linen, polyester, cotton, wool, synthetic and many more out of which the cotton ones are most popular and advantageous. Below are some points that will prove why cotton is the most preferred choice out of all. 

Perfect for a good night’s sleep :

After a long hectic schedule a good night's sleep is very important to wake you fresh and active in the morning. But low-quality bedsheets made up of cheap synthetic and wool can ruin your sleep and day. There is no doubt how badly sleep affects our mental as well as physical health. Therefore, to avoid all those bad experiences and to have a perfectly good night's sleep you need to invest your money in a good quality cotton double bedsheet. They are soft, comfortable and don’t get out of place while sleeping. 


The material is hypoallergenic:

How disgusting it is to wake up with those itchy rashes and unstoppable sneezing. Well, mosquitoes are not always the culprits behind it. Your low-quality bedsheet could be the villain creating a mess in your life. Yes, you heard it right! A low-quality bedsheet made up of cheap materials can cause several skin allergies, rashes, itching, sneezing, etc. Therefore, you need to select a suitable material. Cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric that keeps you away from certain types of allergies and infections. These types of bedsheets are smooth and soft on your skin, thus providing you a comfortable, allergies free sleep all night.  


Perfect for the summer season:

Cotton bedsheets are always a perfect choice for those hot and humid summers. Cotton is a lightweight material that makes it an appropriate choice for summers. Additionally, cotton tends to lower down the temperature as compared to other fabrics that make the bed warm. These bedsheets are available in brilliant pastel colors and floral designs in both cotton double and cotton single bedsheets that are fantastic for your summer season. Even if you don’t like floral patterns you have a lot of options to select like triangular and colorful circles that are soothing to eyes. 


Soft, comfortable and requires low maintenance:

cotton is the only fabric that is soft, comfortable and requires very little maintenance. Unlike heavy wool bedsheets, they don’t require time to dry cleaning and can be easily washed in a washing machine or by hand. The soft fabric makes it comfortable for a good night's sleep. They are an ideal choice for each age group whether it’s a newborn baby or an elderly person. 


Durable and elastic:

 Well, no one wants to spend money again and again on a bedsheet. Cotton bedsheets are much durable with better elasticity when compared to other fabrics available in the market. 


Breathable and stretchable fabrics:

tighter the weaves or knits lower breathable is the fabric. Thin fabrics like cotton are more breathable and cool. They reduce moisture and sweat and dry quickly. 


An eco-friendly choice:

as we all know cotton is a natural product made from cottonseed plant, therefore, is free from chemicals and products made from it are eco-friendly and healthy.

List of Best Cotton Bedsheets to Buy 2020

So, above were the benefits of cotton bedsheets. Now, let’s check out the list of best cotton bedsheets: 

Ethnic Block Print Blue Double Bedsheet

If you are a fan of block prints, then this bedsheet made with 100% pure cotton fabric and 120 thread count will look amazing in your bedroom. Don’t worry about the size because it's large enough to fit a king-size bed.

Peacock Garden Grey Border Double Bedsheet

This Peacock Garden bedsheet made with grey floral borders followed by a big colorful peacock in the center looks amazing in bedrooms with a neutral color scheme. 

Ethnic Brown Double Bedsheet Jaal Print

This traditional bed sheet is made with heavy jaal print and is available in different colors depending upon the choice of the buyer. Its big size makes it suitable for king size beds and is followed by two beautifully designed large pillow covers. 


Double Bedsheet Cream base Maroon Color Print With Two Pillow Cover

This  traditional elephant print bedsheet never goes out of fashion and always looks glorious in every room. The bedsheet is covered with a number of maroon elephant print with beautiful zig-zag corners.  


Grey Pearls Double Bedsheet

Pearl design in the center with a different pattern on the left and right side of this bedsheet makes it different from others mentioned in the list. The best suitable for all age groups, it looks elegant and classy in every room. 

Awesome Apricot Double Bedsheet

If you too want to take a break from those old traditional bedsheets then this awesome apricot double bedsheet can help you make your room look different and beautiful. Available in different colors, it is comfortable, soft and is recommended for the people searching for high-quality cotton bedsheets in India. 

Rich Rangoli Blue Double Bedsheet

 This rich rangoli bedsheet is not only comfortable but durable and affordable and is an ideal choice for the people looking for some inexpensive cotton bedsheets for summers. It is breathable and comes with a long-lasting colorful pattern. 

Which One to Buy? 

Buying a perfect bedsheet from a lot of choices online can be quite challenging. However, if you are aware of what exactly you want and how much budget you have, you can easily select out of all options. So, don’t fear and select the one suiting your bedroom, style, and pocket.


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