Styles in Kalamkari Work

Use of Extensive Colors and Styles in Kalamkari Work

Posted on: July 19th, 2017 03:15 PM

There are many art styles which influence a person’s choice; but the one colorful art form that comes in to the mind spreading wide variety of colors and designs is Kalamkari work. Represented by Kalam (Pen) on one side and Kari (Art work) on other, it is splendidly beautiful. This painting form is supposed to be coined almost 3000 years ago at the time of Mohan-jo-daro, Harappa and Indus valley Civilization.

Kalamkari art work 
had been known for its beautiful patterns on Hindu Mythologies such as stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana, episodes of Goddesses slaying devils, images of other gods and many more. In the yesterdays, these kalamkari paintings were in great demand from Mughal rulers and Nizams of Golconda. These monarchs christened the craftsmen as Qualamkars, which were later called as kalamkars. Even the Maratha leaders also liked this form of painting and got it done on their clothes in printing form with gold brocade work.

Kalamkari work is carried out in many styles such as Karrupur, Kalahasti and Masulipatnam. All these forms have different patterns and designs but one thing in common is the use of countless colors. In the earlier years this painting was done on cotton fabric but following the choice of people this art work is done on silk fabric too. Kalamkari is available in both painting and printing style. Use of vegetable and natural colors had influenced the demand of fabrics loaded with kalamkari painting work. As this had been a slow and vigorous process it has to go through resist- dyeing and hand printing techniques. In spite of such a painstaking process its demand is on the higher side as compared to other printing styles.

Use of too many colors had increased its demand not only in India as well as outside India. Even the International market had special liking for the Kalamkari work either to be displayed on walls, or on cushions or over dresses. The goods prepared from this art work give an extraordinary and colorful look to the place where they are kept.

Even on fabrics this art form is done with the hand carved blocks which are outlined by the pen with which kalamkari is done. The traditional designs are blended with modern art to give creative look to any type of dress being worn by younger generation.  Kalamkari work is not only done on dresses but had shifted to bed sheets, quilts, cushions, prayer rugs, canopies, wall hangings.

This art style had proved itself as a revolution in the Indian textile industry as its demand had bonded Asian countries with many International countries in trade. This art form on fabrics for dresses can be purchased from big malls selling hand prints and goods made of kalamkari work can be purchased from Handicraft showrooms, exhibitions and online. Purchasing online is easier if one cannot visit the shops or exhibitions. In short it can be said that extensive colors and styles are used in Kalamkari art work.       


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