Unique Color Combination of Bed Sheets and Quilts

Posted on: December 26th, 2016 02:40 PM

When you enter your room all you need is relax and peace. But have you even thought of from where it comes? The color of your walls your interior decoration and last but not the least the color combination of your beddings. Sometimes we ignore this and compromise all with what we have. But now the trend changed as per your budget you can go for online shopping to add the special effect in your bedroom. Ignite your bedroom with all new beddings which excites and revive. Instead of monochromatic spread spruce up your personal space with various textures, prints, and shades. Never be shy of adding colors from your own in your bedroom. Here we are helping you with some color combination ideas for your bedding.

• Eclectic- For your electrically inspired bedroom go for cultural accents, vivacious colors and funky prints for the beautiful quilts complimenting with the same prints in pillows with plain bed sheets

• Modern- Black and white combination is the most classy color combination and is evergreen for any purpose. But to make your room to look modern add red in it, as adding red makes timeless. Go for geometric prints in this color combination for your quilts with light shaded bed sheets. It’s still timeless but ultra -modern and contemporary in style.

•  Combination- From classic black and white with chevron to pop up hot pink, this is a style to perfection for any fun-loving teen. Choose black and white bed sheets with the pink shaded quilt.

•  Pistachio- Having pistachio coming out from under crisp white and cranberry bedspread is more beautiful than what it sounds. With a specific vision in mind, this will be the perfect combination for the room.  White and light pink bed sheet with dark pink having pistachio color in it will make it perfect.

•  Strips- If you are among those who love lining or strips in prints, then go for this color combination. Olive cream and white combination suit best for you. Having olive and cream color for quilts and white with cream for bed sheet will make it more refreshing.

•  Royalty-To makes a pop the purple shade is enough. Here keep bed sheets white but be sure the color of quilt and pillow should be purple, and combine this with golden tones and accents. You will be in love with the modern Victorian style. Feel royal in your own bedroom.

•  Mango- Accents your traditional bedding with navy and white with pops of mango. Go for mango shade for bed sheet and navy and white combination for your quilt. When you do this pop there will be more trending and vivacious nature comes out. And you will be in love with the crispness.

Next time in winters when you were going to add quilts to your bedding, then don’t be sad of thinking which color goes with the quilt. These color combination will help you in making your bedroom more luxurious and a place where you get peace and relax. 


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