Ways to Style Your Bed

Ultimate Best Practices - Ways to Style Your Bed

Posted on: February 20th, 2021 12:48 PM

You spend 33% of your life on the bed; it is the refuge you seek after a hectic day of work to rejuvenate for the next day. Thus, you are sure to invest rather handsomely in a bed, mattress, and other bedding accessories. You might be thinking a great deal while setting up or refurbishing your bedding wardrobe and pay attention to each intricate detail such as bedsheet dimension, colour palettes, thread count, etc.

Are you someone who follows bed styling each morning as an essential task and does it like a pro? You might find these below-mentioned styling tips to take your bed styling up by a notch. But, are you someone who views styling the bed each morning as a mundane, boring task? Wondering how to style a bed that won’t take more than a few minutes from your rather busy morning schedule? Then, this article is just what you might just have been looking for. Read on to learn some of the pro techniques and best practices to get that perfect, and inviting bed for your late evening leisure!  

Reversible duvet covers

Duvet covers have been pivotal bed styling accessories ever. However, you can add a twist to your bed with a reversible duvet cover at any time. Reversible duvet covers feature two dynamic designs on each side, so you will effortlessly get a dual look for your bed that is quite refreshing. You may fold your duvet cover in a layered manner to add different textures to your bed.


Do you think throws are only apt for the Winter months? Well, ideally not really! It’s a great styling element to give your bed a rather magnificent style quotient. That said, don’t fuss too much about neatly tucking the throw; in fact, it should be casually draped over the end of the bed to give it that informal, disheveled look to lull you into sleep.

A bedspread

If you are someone who loves to layer your bed, a bedspread is a must-have in your bed linen wardrobe. Want to make your bed look intriguing yet inviting? Wondering about the key ways to style your bed? Go for a bedspread that perfectly accentuates as well as complements your bedroom décor and contrasts your bedsheet colour palette. Opt for adorning your bed with a bright-hued bedspread to make your plain-Jane white bedsheet pop up.  


You must have come across the world-famous adage “old is gold”. Well, it’s applicable to the bed accessories as well. Dohars, the traditional versions of blankets or quilts, still rule the space! There are several ways to style your bed with the perfect collection of Dohars available in a wide range of materials such as cotton, wool, etc. Dohars are available in a versatile range of styles, patterns, and antique, culture-influenced designs! So, it’s a must-have to style your bed in a hassle-free manner.

Dohars comprise a top, bottom, and inner layer to offer greater warmth, comfort, and coziness to you after a busy day at work. Cotton, flannel, microfiber, and polyester are some of the key materials that are leveraged while crafting Dohars by artisans. Apart from its styling significance, Dohars represent age-old tradition, culture, and heritage. You are going to leave your guests awestruck with your Dohar-adorned bed.


Now, who does not love to rest against fluffy cushions on the sofa while reading a book or streaming movies on the TV? The catch is that now you can get all cushiony on your bed with a string of cushions finely spread out across the bed. The more the merrier! You may opt to go for round, rectangular, diamond-shaped, or square cushions with a touch of classic/modern designs if you want to unlock the secret of how to style a bed.

Pillow talk

Thinking of styling your bed and confused about pillow arrangements? We have got your back! You have the option to tuck your pillows in the bedsheet for that all-time classic look. Leave your pillows atop the bedsheet if your pillows can add a sense of dynamism to your bed. Pillows with bright hues, especially those contrasting the bedsheet’s colour should be left atop the bedsheet to splash more colour to your bed canvas as it’s one of the most effortless ways to style your bed!

Layer Up

Who does not love to get under multiple layers in bed? It’s warm, fuzzy, cuddling, and offers you a sense of physical proximity like never before. No matter if you are looking for comfort or casual elegance, layering up your bed is your best bet! You will ace that fabulous look without trying hard.

Pillow Sham

You have left no stone unturned while accessorizing your bed. Now, what more can you do? Consider styling your pillow. Wondering how? Go for a richly decorative pillow sham that is sure to turn your simple pillow into an attractive one. Opt for contrasting pillow shams to complement your bed’s overall appearance. However, make sure not to overdo it. You won’t want your pillows to pinch and interrupt an otherwise restful night’s sleep. The golden rule is not to trade off comfort for style.

Got your fill of bed styling ideas? Well, remember that no amount of styling will suffice if your bed, mattress or your bedsheets are not of par quality. You will achieve a styled bed no doubt but that restful night’s sleep will seem far away. As covered earlier in the article, you spend more than 1/3rd of your life sleeping on your bed. So, investing in a good quality bed, and accessories is paramount for achieving a good night’s sleep. It has direct implications for your overall health, and well-being and brings your body, mind, and soul in alignment.


Did you find this article informational or helpful? Now the mundane morning chore of setting up your bed won’t be any longer tiring. Make it a practice to flatten your sheets, rearrange the layers, throws, cushions. With this, you will come home to an elegantly relaxing bed to take away the stress out of your day.

If you are looking for Dohars, duvet covers, pillow shams, and other accessories as ways to style your bed, do check out the online collection by Jaipur Fabric. You will be surprised at the ethnicity-rich, exquisite collection of bed styling elements at a price that is sure to leave you spellbound!  


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