Top Aesthetic Affordable And Colourful Fabric Home Décor Diwali Ideas

Posted on: November 6th, 2020 05:46 PM

Your house deserves to reflect the vibrancy and sparkle of Diwali and not just with fancy lights and candles. Fabric décor is a key essential that helps to give an overall complementary look for any special occasion or festival. Paying attention to the fabrics you are using during is highly vital to complement your interior light décor and emphasize the core beauty of Diwali – the festival of lights and illumination!

Granted that fancy decorative cloth can be quite a pinch for the pocket, but there are cost-effective ways to still revamp your house without losing out on the quality or the aesthetics. Here are five such aesthetic, affordable and colourful fabric décor Diwali ideas for your home:

1.     Lampshades

Lampshades act like footnotes, with a touch of eccentricity, to an already aesthetically decorated house. A prettily patterned lampshade is sure to incorporate attraction during Diwali. Buying one from malls or exquisite home-décor stores might be more expensive, so why not make one from scratch? To make one, all you'll need is some strong glue and any good reusable fabric that can be used for making the lampshade.

Then stick it around, and you'll be done! You can also cut out patterned holes in the fabric to let the light shine through them. You can find appealing lampshades from flea markets or other second-hand home-décor shops as well as they will be much more affordable and pocket-friendly.

2.     Tapestries & Curtains

Tapestries and curtains not only add to the aesthetics of your house, but they look extremely beautiful and completely change the look of a room if you’re looking for a quick but dramatic overhaul. However, they can also be quite expensive to buy if you’re looking for premium high-quality material for tapestries and curtains. Great substitutes are silk sarees or broadcloth that has an elaborate design and fits your Diwali theme; they can easily be hung as tapestries! You can add borders and make it neater to complement your taste as well. Designer rugs or carpets can be hung on the wall for a more ethnic and bohemian styling as well!

Similarly, for curtains, try using light coloured cotton (like cotton sarees or dupattas) of chiffon fabric materials (for a see-through "soft" aesthetic vibe) to drape your windows and doorways. They are light, easy to maintain, vibrant and colourful and marks your ethnic aesthetic appeal towards home décor in general. Curtains are easy to customize, and the simplest of things can make a difference – you can decorate pattern-less fabric twining them with fairy lights or tuck them beautifully to one side of the window with decorative flowers.

3.     Fabric Wall Hanging

Similar to tapestries, quality fabric wall decors are exorbitant but nifty ways of enhancing the tropicality and mood of Indian festivals at home. Just like tapestries, you can frame elaborately designed Kantha or baluchari sarees that are reusable for such purposes. They are great creative and economic fabric décor ideas for walls that are bland and blank or might need repainting. No need to buy expensive canvases to add flavour to dull walls anymore!  

4.     Cushion and Bedcovers

Changing cushion covers in your living room and the sofa is customary.But why not go bold this Diwali? Pick fabrics that are satin or brightly coloured or glittery, so they sparkle under soft-lit rooms or Diya lights mimicking cute Diwali lights. Other than cushions, you can also create large seating arrangements for your guests on the living room floor using woven carpets to complete a more ethnic Diwali look. 

 A great way to jazz up your bedroom is to use patterned or silk bedcovers for Diwali. Rich quality bedsheets can be high-priced, however, muga, chanderi and bomkai sarees are great bedsheet décor materials without cutting corners in quality – they are gorgeous and have that glossy sheen of richness. Keeping your aesthetics in mind, choose such fabrics which will enhance and emphasize your choices, light décor and shine in your room. Sarees are easily available in Indian wardrobes and are, therefore, great alternatives to many lavish and premium embellishments.

5.     Fabric table décor (placemats and covers)

Not sure how to decorate your table? Clothe it with a dazzling fancy printed table cover and if buying a brand new one isn’t in your budget, pick a fancy fabric or a saree with ornated borders at the edges as excellent alternatives! Use a transparent sheet to protect the material/apparel, and you're all set to confidently invite guests for lunch/dinner and show off your unique yet classy dining table for Diwali! A creative and minimalist approach to curate an impressive Diwali vibe at the dinner table is to use attractive cloth placemats – they can be saree fabric or any elegant cloth of any material, but they are subtly beautiful enough for upgrading your table décor.


These are simple but effective DIY ideas to saturate the festive look in your house without compromising on quality. Add a touch of personality to your home with these ideas, and it is sure to draw the attention of your guests and relatives and have them talking about how beautifully decorated your house was this Diwali. Your home is a reflection of your preferences so be wise about what you pick for décor purposes and how you use them. Make your Diwali distinctive and exclusive for your family and guests!


Light up your decors that are unmatched to all your annual conventions till today with economic and smart choices: make the best use of what you already have – use materials that are convenient and cost-effective and can be reusable multiple times. Fashionable and resourceful consumerism can fetch the same kind of adornment that lavish expenditure can achieve, but there's no necessity in following the convention. Creative projects can bring out a better outcome most often than not and are also sustainable in the long run of events.


 Here’s to a dazzling and aesthetic Diwali celebration! 


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