Top 9 Jaipuri Print Bedsheets to Buy

Top 9 Jaipuri Print Bedsheets to Buy

Posted on: October 27th, 2021 09:50 AM

Jaipur – The Pink City; it is known for its years old monuments, colorful culture, and eye-catching art works. The city is certified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO for its amazingly built monuments and city design.

The Jaipur is one of the hot tourist destinations in Rajasthan as well, attracting tourists from all over the world. It allows them to discover the ancient art and culture of Jaipur.

Besides, Jaipur is also known as one of the largest manufacturers of bed sheets. The Jaipuri print bedsheets are famous for their elegant feel, fast colors, and unique art work and designs.

You can simply identify the different art designs in the bed sheet prints, which allow people to add some color of Jaipuri art and culture to their bedroom and spice up the interior.

The Jaipuri bed sheets are not rich in designs and styles, but they are also made of high-quality fabric. You will get 100% cotton material, which will keep you comfortable in bed.

The pure cotton fabric makes the Jaipuri print bed sheets ideal for every season. Plus, it also prevents allergies and discomfort and allows people to have a peaceful sleep every night. It is also one of the biggest reasons behind the huge demand for Jaipuri bed sheets.

The market offers a wide range of Jaipuri bed sheets with a huge price range. Do you know how what type of Jaipuri bed sheet you should purchase?

Here we have listed the top 9 Jaipuri bed sheets below that you can buy for your bed room.

1.    Floral print bed sheets:

Floral print bed sheets are one of the most famous Jaipuri bed sheets that you can buy for your bedroom without thinking twice. It will work amazing in the summer season. Along with keeping your bed cool, it will add some cool vibes to your bed room.

You will discover the unique floral prints with Jaipuri bed sheets in a combination of colors. The rich color and attractive prints will add a “wow” to your room’s interior.

2.    Animal print bed sheets:

The animals play a crucial role in Indian history and culture. So, you can find the significance of animals like elephants and camels in the Rajasthani art work. Besides paintings and wall arts, the animal print bed sheets are also famous.

You can simply purchase the elephant print bedding for your home. It will not only add a traditional touch to your contemporary interior but also introduce the royalty of Jaipur.

3.    Ethnic print bed sheets:

The EthnicPrint bed sheet is also a popular Jaipuri bedsheet that you should buy. It introduces unique designs and prints to the people. You will find a wide range of prints in the ethnic range including flowers, leaves, and vines as well.

The prints cover every inch of the bed sheet and create a beautiful formation of prints in different styles.

4.    Mandala print bed sheets:

Mandala print bed sheets are also one of the famous Jaipuri bed sheets. It includes a round-shaped design, where you will discover different circles. Every circle is designed with unique art and object including flower and animal prints.

The mandala print bedsheets offer an amazing combination of colors and prints, which have the potential to spice up your boring bedroom interior.

5.    Tie-dye bed sheets:

Tie-dye is a process of dying, where a piece of fabric is tied by strings and dyes with different colors. The works fold the fabric and tie it into small sections according to the design and pattern. They dye the fabric with different colors, which produce an attractive design by gathering together.

This is a must-have Jaipuri print bedsheets. You will simply find the interesting patterns and designs in this range. Plus, it will work well with your contemporary bedroom design.

6.    Block print bed sheets:

Jaipur is also known for its block print art work. The art includes the wooden boxes, which are used to print different designs and patterns on the piece of cloth.

You will discover an amazing range of handmade block print bedsheet, which introduce unique designs and artwork to people. Every block print sheet is unique in its way. So, you will get value for money.

7.    Katha work bed sheets:

Katha work bed sheets are a must buy. The katha work is a type of embroidery craft. The katha work embroidery is made designed with 5 colors of threads including blue, green, yellow, red, and black.

The katha work bedsheet introduces unique patterns and designs to the people. So, if you are the one, who admires the unique art work, then you should spend your money on this bedsheet. It will never disappoint you.

8.    Peacock print bed sheets:

Peacock is always considered a royal bird and it is our national bird too. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity in the history of Indian culture. So, a peacock print bedsheet is something that you should buy without any doubt.

This bedsheet is the best for any special occasion including Deepawali, Navratri and other festivals as well. Plus, it will also add royalty to your simple bedroom and level up the interior effortlessly.

9.    Patch work bed sheets:

You can never say no to patch work bed sheets. This is also a famous Jaipuri bed sheet that will complement your modern bed room. The patch work art is including different pieces of designs and fabrics, which create a unique piece of art by getting together.

It looks like a canvas of any artist, where different colors create a larger geometrical design. So, you can give a chance to the patch work bedsheets to change the vibes of your room and welcome some bright colors.

Jaipur Fabrics:

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