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Top 5 Ways To Add Sparkle To Your Home This Monsoon

Posted on: July 16th, 2020 09:20 PM

Monsoon, to some, it's the most romantic, peaceful, cozy, and happy times whereas, to some, it's wet, damp, soggy, and muddy! Some love to sit with a cup of hot beverage and a book while it rains or simply listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops, while some find it depressing, sad, dull, and irritating. It will either make you feel happy and dance with joy in the rain or make you feel sorry for yourself, but no one can ignore the rains. It’s also a time for muddy footprints and wet clothes, leaky roofs and damp walls but let’s not let this dampen our lives this season.

Rain can continue pouring for long hours or days, keeping you inside your homes for a more extended period of time than you want to, which might make you feel locked up and depressed. Hence, it's essential to brighten up the interiors of your homes to lighten up your surrounding so that you do not feel cramped up, dull or depressed and creates a positive aura around you.

Here are five ways that you can brighten up the interiors of your home as well as your mood:-

1.     Bright and beautiful

As the monsoons are dark, dull, and cold it's important to splash your space with bright and warm colors for which you can choose colors like, orange, light green, light blue, yellow, baby pink, etc. to do the needful. Curtains, if translucent will allow more natural light into your rooms as well as the curtains,
designer cushion covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, rugs, table cloth, etc. should be colorful and light so that it reflects more light to brighten up your place. Try avoiding dark colors and heavy materials as dark colors will make your home look dark and dingy while heavy materials will take longer to dry during this wet season. You can also
buy online Peacock printed bed sheets for your bedroom or any floral prints will work too.

2.     Natural Green

Potted plants are a great way to decorate your home. It will not only enrich your surroundings and your life with positivity but also adds a natural feel to your environment. The natural ambience will keep you away from feeling depress and sad and help you brighten up your spirit. It’s a natural mood booster and stress buster along with it being a natural purifier and cleanser, enhancing your surroundings vibe to make you feel upbeat and energized. You can use plants like Alo-vera, Money plant, Rubber plants, small bamboo trees, or even flower pots like Hibiscus, Christmas cactus, African violet, etc. to add energy and color to your indoors. At the same time, it revives your essence of self-being.

3.     Add Music

You can add music to your homes by simply placing wind chimes on your windows or doors and take advantage of the wind that's blown through your home. You can also hang them at any place you want to add music to. Places like the veranda or the balcony are very common places to hang these wind chimes but did you know that you can even hang it in your kitchen or washrooms? Yes, it’s going to give a unique experience to listen to the sweet music of the wind chimes while you cook or go about doing your daily chores. The wind chimes not only add beauty to your home and create a soothing and peaceful environment through its sounds, but its sound is also said to ward off evil. Made out of various materials like wood, metal, glass and also bells give to a variety of sounds to choose from, according to your liking and the best part is it’s never too much, no matter how many you hand around your house.

4.     Light up your world

Light makes a lot of difference to your mood and environment. You can do a lot with lighting to brighten up your surroundings and senses this monsoon. Different forms of light like table lamps, moody twinkling lights, dim lights or bright lights, chandeliers, lampshades and even lanterns, candles or divas can transform your room into something cozy and romantic, making you feel light-heated and happy. You can also use different sort of aroma to heighten your senses with scented candles or incense sticks along with amazing lightnings; the combination of these two can enhance your mood and give you an enjoyable experience of serenity and peace during the wet and soggy monsoon days.

5.     Accessorize your home

This monsoon you can brighten up your interiors by making small additions to it. Using cute little decorative items like beautiful wallpapers, showpieces, cups, or things like a cute little stool, chair or even a hammock or a swing to your home can make a lot of difference. The wonderful unique experience you will gain while you lie on the hammock and watch the raindrop and listen to the sweet music of your wind chimes or snuggle up and read a book with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Closing Words

These decorative ideas will definitely help you spruce up your surrounding environment and make you feel fantastic. During the monsoon, while you are cooped up inside your home with nothing much to do these home decor ideas will boost your energy and your mood will immediately lighten up and make you feel amazing.

You can also make the most of the time you are stuck indoors during the rainy season and go on a cleaning spree and discard all that you have been thinking of discarding all this while but not getting the time to do so. It will automatically boost you and your home. However, it's always important to follow your instinct and do what makes you feel right. So if you have any other ideas, then you can mix it up with this list and decorate your own home.


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