Top 5 Reasons Why Giza Cotton Bed Sheets Are a Boon For Sleep Lovers

Posted on: July 6th, 2020 08:11 PM

Sleep is one of the most basic needs, and thus, it should be most comfortable and peaceful. It will help you lead a healthy and happy life and, above all, improve the quality of life as a whole. Any form of disturbance to your sleep can wreak havoc in your daily life, making you cranky and irritable, which isn't good for you or your family either. It will also have a negative impact on your personal and professional life, leading to unhappiness, anger, depression, and dissatisfaction.

Though there are various reasons why your sleep may be affected, let that reason not be your bed sheet. Yes, bed sheets do make a lot of difference in your sleep! Cotton bed sheets , in general, are the ideal to sleep on, and there are a variety of cotton bed sheets available in the market. However, Giza cotton bed sheets are considered the best amongst all. While some call it the "Queen of Egyptian Cotton," and some call it the "King of Egyptian cotton," which doesn't make a difference to its quality as its unmatched and has no peer. Giza cotton is a type of Egyptian cotton that’s grown by the banks of the River Nile in the land of the Pharaohs. Due to its environment in which it's harvested, this cotton has some amazing and unique qualities that are not available anywhere else.

However, even Giza cotton has categories, and it comes in 4 qualities: Giza 45, 86, 89, and 90.

Why should you choose Giza cotton bed sheets?

1.     It’s one of its kind

Giza cotton is known for its "Extra Long Staple" (ELS), which is 1.3/8 inches long, and because of its excellent length, the thread is strong and smooth. Hence, bed sheets made out of this cotton thread makes it durable and soft. It's one of its kind, and none can match its texture, quality, and durability. Its texture feels like silk, but it is pure cotton with no mix. Its yarn count is also quite high (3/300), and it’s only possible due to its superior length and fine quality giving it an exceptional finish.

2.     Breathability and absorbent

Be it during the hot and humid summer months or the cold winter nights, Giza cotton bed sheets will keep you comfortable or cozy, and that’s because of its excellent quality of being naturally absorbent and breathable. Its softness and lightweight nature will keep your body cool throughout the warm and humid nights and make you feel warm during the winter nights. Also, during the rainy season, it will keep you dry as it absorbs moisture keeping you fresh. Especially those who are sweaty sleepers will benefit from its absorbent quality as it will not only absorb your sweat but will also dry quickly due to its lightness, allowing you to sleep without any discomfort.

3.     Extra Soft and Supple

We know that cotton is soft, but Giza cotton is super soft, supple, and lustrous. It’s soft as butter and feels like heaven to your bare skin. So for all those sleep lovers using this bed sheet, it will give you a feeling of sleeping on clouds and give you a super luxurious experience of comfort, which is unparalleled. This will allow sleep lovers to not only enjoy your sleep time, but you will look forward to getting into your soft, cozy and comfortable bed after a hard day's work so that you can fall asleep to get rid of all the pains and troubles of the day from your body and mind and wake up fresh and rejuvenated to start afresh.

4.     Organic and Natural

As its 100% natural and organic, making it ideal for those who have sensitive skin and allowing them to stay safe and comfortable. They can have a sound sleep without having to worry about rashes or allergies caused due to coarse and rough bed sheets. However, for those who don’t have sensitive skin, Giza cotton bed sheets are still the best as it will give you a mind-blowing experience that cannot be experienced with any other bed sheets and once you have experienced its greatness, you will never want to sleep on anything else.

5.     Lasts long and stays strong

The best part of the Giza cotton bed sheets are its strength and longevity. Due to its length of the fiber and high yarn count, the bed sheets are of fine quality, and hence, if the bed sheets are well maintained, then these can last long and still retain its softness without you having to invest in getting new ones repeatedly. In fact, with every wash, it gets softer and smoother giving you a wonderful soft heavenly experience while you sleep.

Giza Cotton is the highest quality of cotton available in the world from the land of Pharaohs, and like those Pharaohs, these too require a little extra care than any other cotton available. You need to wash them regularly (Weekly or every alternate week) to retain its softness and also to get the feeling of freshness every time you lie down to sleep. However, do not use too much detergent, bleach, or fabric softener as too much detergent and bleach will damage the fiber and fabric softener will damage the natural softness. So use half of the detergent you would normally use (less is more) in cold water when you are washing your Giza cotton bed sheets and also try to wash them separately.

Though these are just a few steps you need to remember to keep your Giza Cotton bed sheets as good as new, the benefit you gain in return is just unmatched. Those who love their sleep and do not get proper sleep aren't going to be happy; thus, it's always best to opt for what's best for you and your sleep so that you not only get sweet dreams and peace of mind but also get to stay healthy and happy. A good night’s sleep helps you stay energized and focused on everything you do, along with having a great work-life balance.


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