best-selling bedsheets to find online

Top 3 best-selling bedsheets to find online

Posted on: February 14th, 2022 10:50 AM

A bed sheet is the most essential element that adds sparkle to your room. Imagine how bland would it be, if we never cover our beds. Sounds unusual, right? Exactly, the way we cannot think of a meal spiceless, we cannot think of our beds without bedsheets. Thus, having a sheet that matches the interiors of your place is necessary. It will make the bedroom appear more lively and maintained. Through this article, we intend to acquaint you with the top 3 best-selling bedsheets to find online.  

Finding the appropriate sheet for your bed could be as tedious as finding a bride/groom on matrimonial sites. Well, Mumma does it better. She knows exactly what to select whether it's a sheet or a spouse. Okay, no more fun facts. When we were gathering the information about best-selling sheets, we focused on something else first. 

How can you find the best-selling bedsheets online?

Spotting a bed sheet that is best-selling depends upon various factors such as-
The fabric of the bedsheet
The fabric of the bedsheet is one of the prominent aspects to take into consideration when buying it. By fabric, we do not mean that it should be cotton only. For a bedsheet to be comfortable enough, it is required to be breathable. Thus, when your body will come in contact with the bedcover, it won't itch. Researches provide facts that when a body touches/ gets wrapped into something too claustrophobic, it is prone to catch diseases. Therefore, it can cause many harmful skin diseases. Hence, linen that has microfibers and allows your skin to be at ease is the best mate for your goodnight's sleep.
Thread count
The thread count determines the number of threads that have been used to knit the bedcover/ sheet/ linen. Generally, it is the number of threads horizontally and vertically used to form a sheet. It is an important factor because the more the thread count softer will be the cover. Our magnificent bed sheets have a thread count of 180. This number makes the bed linen lightweight.

Abbreviated as GSM, it stands for grams per square meter. This determines the weight of the bedcover. A heavy bedsheet is not preferred by many. Thus, we bring to you the bedsheets that do not feel heavy. Let’s say, you select two bedsheets of the same fabric but either of them has more GSM than the other. At this point, the knowledge of GSM will be a piece of vital information. GSM of a lightweight sheet ranges between 30-150, medium-weight would be 150- 300 GSM, and a heavyweight will have 300+ GSM. Thus, this piece of information will help you buy the appropriate sheet for your bed.
Care label guidelines
A care label is nothing but a set of dos and don’ts for maintaining the fabric. For a fabric to last longer, it is necessary for the user to follow care label rules. This will enhance the durability and keep your sheet maintained. A piece of fabric is certain to shrink a little after the first two washes. However, following the guidelines may keep it from taking place. Keeping a check on how to wash the column would save the bedsheet from major destruction. As well, whether or not to use hard detergents is also a significant factor.
Client Reviews
The online world is tiny. Everything seems just a click away. With the internet at your place and a screen in front of you, there is nothing you can not learn about. The digital world is much more accessible and convenient. Client reviews act as a savior whenever you are buying something online. For a buyer, it is brainy to not rely on top 5 reviews only, scroll down and read till the end. Practicing this would help you make the right decision and you will end up buying the best.
The top 3 best selling bedsheets to find online by Jaipur Fabric are-
Jaipur Fabric is one of the most popular brands in home furnishing. With our rich experience and prowess, we aim to deliver uncompromised quality products to our customers. The top 3 best selling bedsheets to find online by Jaipur Fabric are-

Cotton Bedsheet

An all-time favorite of each and every individual is a cotton bedsheet. It is because these bedspreads are easy to cover, wash, and maintain. They look subtle and add to the beauty of the room. As light-weight bedsheets, they continue to be the top priority of all. Our treasure box contains cotton satin, pure cotton, twill cotton, and Giza cotton fabrics. You can select from a variety of designs that fall under these heads if you are into cotton bedsheets.

Sanganeri Bedsheet

An exquisite design that conquers the spectators’ heart is Sanganer. This is a pattern that origins from the rich culture of Rajasthan. The distinctive patterns and designs to witness on a sanganeri bed linen are awe-inspiring. These sheets are available in double-bedsheets and king-size bedsheets. Bring home the best in town and enliven the aura of your bedroom. These bedspreads are soft as cotton and reflect sheer shine that remains till the end.  

Jaipuri Bedsheet

Famous for their aesthetics, Jaipuri bedsheets are cost-effective and beautiful. They are highly demanded by the customers of different states. Available in different fabrics, the Jaipuri bedsheets exhibit colorfastness and smoothness. They are affordable. Also, our most selling Jaipuri bedspreads are in the size of double bedsheets and king-size bedsheets. Some of the captivating designs under this head are kaatha work, floral design, dabu print, elephant print, etc.  


This valentine’s, gift your loved ones the present of comfort with Jaipur Fabric’s exclusive bedsheet range. We have the softest, most comfy, and skin-friendly bedsheets. Select the supremely plush bedcover in whichever color and pattern you like. We bet you would not regret buying these intricate bedsheets from us. At Jaipur Fabric, you get discounts never thought before. Buy now, to grab the offer today.


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