Tips to Reduce Laundry Wrinkles of Your Expensive Bed Sheets

Tips to Reduce Laundry Wrinkles of Your Expensive Bed Sheets

Posted on: January 11th, 2017 05:27 PM

Purchasing expensive bed sheets and the tension starts. After doing everything correctly sometimes you must go through a problem of wrinkles in your bed sheets. This is a common problem that everyone faces, but it’s quite easy to solve this problem. You must take steps to reduce the laundry wrinkles of your bed sheets.

1)    Before Washing-When you are washing in the washing machine keep the number of clothes less, as clothes need room to move if they don’t get proper room to move then all the clothes will come out crumbled. Other reason is to clean clothes properly cloths should be in less number. It’s better to use steam cycle but be sure about clothes that are likely to shrink during this cycle. As clothes shrinks in this cycle. The steam cycle provides deeper clean and can smooth out wrinkles and creases. The other method to reduce wrinkles is to wash bed sheets in warmer water at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Cold water, on the other hand, decreases the stain removal and makes the bed linen wrinkled. To reduce wrinkles and stain hot water works best. But wash with cold water when the instructions specify to do so. A trick for wrinkles has put some vinegar in your washing machine before starting the cycle. It helps in reducing the wrinkles. Be sure about the instructions of your machine about vinegar. In place of vinegar, you can also use Apple cider vinegar.

2)    After Washing-After removing clothes from the washing machine and untangle each piece of the clothing, and lay them straight to reduce wrinkles. Shake all the clothes holding them from the shoulders. Shake each and every cloth and bed sheet to avoid wrinkles. Fluff cloths to remove excess water present in them. After you shake or wring clothing fluff it with your hands. Then put your clothes into the dryer to reduce wrinkles. Be sure about not to put lots of clothes in the dryer. Dry a small load of clothes into the dryer. But if the load is large go for two shift of drying. Then remove clothes from the dryer and dry them outside.

3)    After Drying- Iron your expensive bed sheets while they are still damp. Check bed sheets when they have been drying for a while. Damp cloth appears more properly pressed. Never let your cloth or bed sheets lying after they dried. Fold immediately as they done the drying. Throwing bed sheets into a pile can lead to wrinkling. Put them in their place to avoid knocked over the folded cloth. If you can’t have the time to put your bed sheets in the dryer then spritz your sheets with water, spritz the clothing lightly with the water bottle. Smooth it out with your hands until the wrinkles are gone.

So without any tension go and purchase expensive bed sheets to decorate your room and consider all the tips to get rid of wrinkles.


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