Tips for Small Primary Bedroom Design

Posted on: November 11th, 2021 10:52 AM

Even a small primary bedroom can get aesthetically elegant when designed in the right way. It is not always possible to get a grand bedroom space to fulfill all your imaginations. But even when you have got a smaller one, there are plenty of options that can turn it into a cozy corner of the house that you will love the most. Here are some of the amazing tips that you can try out for a small bedroom design.

Subtle or Neutral Wall Shades:

When the room is already small, adding dark shades or wallpapers on the walls can make it even smaller. One of the best small bedroom design ideas here is to make use of subtle or neutral shades for the walls. The shades such as white, light pink, or similar allow the light to reflect efficiently creating an illusion of having a bigger space in the room. Also, when you have applied such subtle and neutral shades on the wall, you have the opportunity to make use of other creative ideas to decorate your small bedroom.

Combination Lights:

When you are planning for the bedroom design for a small room, another crucial feature that you definitely should not miss out on is the lighting. A lot of people prefer to have soft light in the bedroom as it offers a comfortable look to the entire room. But when you install such soft lights for a smaller bedroom, it may turn the bedroom to look a bit dingy. When planning for lighting, one of the best small bedroom design ideas to come across is having a combination of lighting. Again, when you are going for combination lighting, make sure that you are doing the right selection. One of the options to go for is having bright lights that will make the room appear bigger along with soothing lights at the bedside. At the sides of the bed, you can install moonlight lamps or similar options that let you read a book before sleeping.

Seamless Furniture:

If the bedroom is small, no doubt, you cannot stuff the room with a lot of furniture. One of the tricks for bedroom design for a small room is to have seamless furniture. At times, just having a king-size bed in the room can occupy the space. But when you are installing a bed that has clean lines and syncs well with the wall of the bedroom, it does not make the room congested. In fact, it offers you the opportunity to introduce other options also to the bedroom. You can have small side tables at the sides of the bed for installing lamps. Also, you can keep a small chair or a couch in one corner of the bedroom in such a case. Adding some cozy cushions with attractive covers can offer you comfort along with a great small bedroom design.

Upholstery in Contrasting Shade:

While installing seamless furniture can offer warmth in a small bedroom design, adding contrasting upholstery will bring colours to your room. Choosing options such as bright coloured bed sheets in a room with neutral coloured walls can bring a great difference. You can choose these sheets in different colours, and styles to offer the right look to your small bedroom. Also, adding the right curtains can offer a good vibe to the room. Select curtains based on the season to welcome style with comfort. If you are looking for some bright coloured sheets or curtains in attractive styles, you can go for options such as that from Jaipur Fabric’s collection. Similarly, apart from the primary bedroom, if you are looking for a small bedroom design for your kids, you can always use the kid's bedsheet collection from Jaipur Fabric against the same neutral shaded walls.

Comfortable Bedding:

While looking for small bedroom design ideas, you should not forget about comfortable bedding that is the main element in your bedroom. There are several factors that you should take care of while arranging for a comfortable bed. Get a comfortable mattress that is perfect to offer you a good night’s sleep without any disturbance. Make use of plush pillows that are also comfortable similar to your mattress. Do not forget the other essential items such as blankets, comforters, and quilts depending upon your comfort zone. While you cannot change the mattress and the pillows every time, you definitely have the freedom to change your sheets, pillow covers, and even the quilts every now and then as per your requirements. So, to maintain a lovely collection for your bedroom, it is an ideal thought to get such options such as sheets and quilts online to choose from a wide range of options and to get discounts and offers at different places such as at Jaipur Fabric.

Other Options:

Apart from the above-mentioned elements for your small bedroom design, there can be many other things that you can think of. Today, when you ask an expert how to design a small bedroom, you might find a number of them including the floor as well as the ceiling also in the design plan. No doubt getting a beautiful false ceiling can enhance the glamour of the room. But you should make sure to choose the right false ceiling design so that it does not make the room look even smaller than before. Similar to the ceiling, for winters you can always throw rugs on the floor for that extra comfort. But once again, as the room is already small, the selection of rugs and carpets has to be done very carefully. Usually, for a small room, carpets that touch the walls are the best as they do not make the room appear small. Also, another trick is to make use of bright coloured carpets such as bright yellow or cream for the purpose. Selecting the bedroom design for a small room can be challenging but also interesting. The basic idea is to keep the walls and furniture subtle and let the accessories create drama in the interiors. The right selection of bedsheets, quilts, or curtains can bring freshness to the room without making the interiors look congested. Also, buying these items online at Jaipur Fabric will offer you a wide range of options without digging a hole in your pocket.


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