The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bedsheets Online

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bedsheets Online

Posted on: December 23rd, 2020 11:24 AM

Given that you spend a sizable part of your day between the sheets, it’s important that you invest in linens that feel great to get into. This expert bedsheet buying guide will help you make the right choice! 

How to Buy Bedsheets Online

You don’t have to plan a trip to the store each time you want to pick up a new set of linens. With our bedsheet buying guide, you’ll be able to pick great-quality bedsheets online. The things that you need to check when buying bed sheets online are the fabric, thread count, and the colour and pattern of the sheets.

Microfiber vs. Cotton - Which Is Better?

Bedsheets that are made of microfiber (fine polyester fibres) are soft and affordable. Similarly, cotton jersey sheets are breathable and quite affordable. But, if you prefer crisp sheets, you may be better off opting for woven cotton sheets.

Different Types of Cotton

The softest cotton sheets have extra-long fibres that have been spun into strong yet fine yarns. Egyptian, Supima®, and Pima cotton are certified long-staple varieties of cotton that make great-quality bedsheets. But, that doesn’t mean other types of cotton fabric are inferior. A well-spun and nicely finished cotton fabric is very comfortable.


Bedsheet Fabric Types

Cotton sheets: Cotton sheets are cool, breathable, and soft. They’re a great option since they are easy to maintain and durable.

Egyptian cotton: This is one of the most luxurious types of cotton fabrics, and is extremely soft.

Jersey knit: Unlike traditional woven cotton sheets, these sheets are knit, so they offer additional warmth and stretch.

Microfibre: Made from fine synthetic fibre, microfibre sheets will keep you warm and comfortable.

Polyester: While polyester sheets are not as breathable and warm as cotton sheets, they are known for their durability.

Percale sheets: These sheets are made from cotton, silk, or polyester that’s tightly woven. These sheets feel luxurious and are very durable.

Satin: Satin sheets can be made from wool, silk, polyester, or cotton. The fabric feels soft and has a shiny appearance.

Sateen: While sateen sheets look similar to satin sheets, they last longer and are easy to maintain.

Bamboo rayon: Bamboo rayon sheets are made with chemically treated bamboo. They’re a good choice because they help regulate body temperature.


Weave Types

Usually, the type of weave won’t play a big part in your purchase decision. But, you should know that combed cotton has long fibres that have been combed. Percale is a crisp and durable plain weave - most bedsheets are made using this type of weave. And, sateen is made with a satin weave, which results in extra-soft fiber.


Check the Fibre Content First

If you’re unsure of how to choose bedsheets, start by checking the fibre content. Keep in mind that 100% cotton is your best option since it is affordable and soft. You can also opt for polyester fabric, but it may have a synthetic feel.


Thread Count Isn't Everything

Thread count is important, but a higher thread count doesn’t automatically mean better quality. While a 250 to 500 thread count is ideal, anything over that may not improve the quality of the fabric significantly.


Don't Assume the Sheets Will Fit Your Mattress

Wondering how to buy bedsheets that are the right size? Standard bedsheet sizes don’t take the depth of the mattress into consideration, so this is something you’ll want to check. Also, if you use a mattress topper, get a larger size.


Pick the Right Colour and Design

It’s important to carefully pick the colour and design of the sheets. If the walls of your room have vivid paint colours or printed wallpaper, opt for muted bedsheets, and vice versa. 

Always Check the Return Policy

Before you buy your sheets, make sure to check the return policy of the online store. This ensures hassle-free returns if you are not satisfied with the sheets.


Bedsheet Sizes

When buying sheets, perhaps what’s most important is getting the size of the sheets right. You don’t want to buy sheets that are too small, and you also don’t want the sheets to be uncomfortably long. So, check the size of your mattress and pick the sheet size accordingly.


Depth of Your Mattress

It’s a good idea to also check the depth of your mattress before you buy your sheets. If your mattress is thicker than the average mattress of the same size, you may need to size up.


We hope this bedsheet buying guide will help you pick comfortable and superior-quality linens that will last you a long time. 


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