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The Most Comfortable Bedsheets in 2022

Posted on: February 26th, 2020 01:26 PM

How to choose the  Most Comfortable Bed-sheets in 2020

Gone are the days when we used to buy the same bed-sheet that we saw at a friend’s place just because we liked its design. Thanks to the internet age, people are aware of the possible options that they have for any kind of product that they need. And bed-sheets are no different.

Besides the colour and designs, one thing that you should definitely consider before buying a bed-sheet is its comfort. This is because ultimately, you have to sleep on your bed and nothing is more important for a tired and stressed soul than its sleep.

Experts advise that for a good and sound sleep, comfortable bedsheets play the most important role. Moreover, not one fabric of a bed-sheet is comfortable and suitable for all sleep-types and all places. Thus, let us first understand what factors one needs to consider before buying the most comfortable bed-sheet for himself.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bed-sheet

1. Your Sleep-type – What a pathetic sleep it would be if someone who is a sweaty sleeper is made to sleep on a pure silk bedsheet. He would be lucky if he could catch a nap of an hour or so in the whole night. Well, this is exactly why sleep-type is important before you buy comfortable bed-sheets.

A sweaty sleeper sleeps better on a cotton bed-sheet. On the other hand, a chilly sleeper who turns cold while sleeping would get sound sleep on a flannel or a silk bed-sheet. Similarly, a sleeper with allergies or a rather sensitive skin sleeps best on a hypoallergenic bed-sheet.

2. Local Climate – If you live in a place where mercury seldom drops below 30-35°C, silk or flannel bed-sheets are a big no. They might make your bedroom look luxurious but you won’t be able to enjoy your sleep in that. Instead, a 100% cotton bed-sheet will prove to be the most comfortable bedsheet for you.

Likewise, a satin or silk bed-sheet is good for cool regions and a heavy velvet flannel bed-sheet for snow prone regions. In fact, some users claim to ditch their thermostats when they used thick flannel bed-sheets that eventually helped them reduce their energy costs.

3. Locality – If you live in a desert, you can expect sandstorms on almost every summer afternoon. Hence, in such regions prone to dirt and dust, hypoallergenic bed-sheets work best to provide you a comfortable sound sleep in the night, 

Additionally, if you have a super-cosy pet who loves to cuddle you in your bed, such anti-allergic bed-sheets will work best since they are resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

4. Budget – After all the above factors create an image of the most comfortable bedsheet for you, the budget factor obviously becomes the decision-maker. Due to your budget constraint, you might want to settle down for the most affordable bedsheets that are smooth as well as durable.

Most Comfortable Bed-sheets in 2020 That You Might Want to Buy

The comfort level of your bed-sheet depends on its fabric. Therefore, you must choose the fabric with the utmost care, only after evaluating the above-mentioned points.


1. Silk Satin – This might be the most expensive and most luxurious bed-sheet fabric you can ever get. If your climate, sleep-type and most importantly, your pocket allows, do not leave these bed-sheets, as these are luxuriously comfortable among all of the others.

2. Linen – Bed-sheets made of linen fabric are quite durable and elegant. However, linen is an expensive fabric that gets wrinkled easily, but aging and repeated washing make it soft and more comfortable.

3. 100% Cotton – Cotton is evergreen and the most common kind of fabric that is used in bed-sheets. Out of all the others, cotton bed-sheets are the most in demand. Call them pocket-friendly, natural or human skin-friendly, but people are never going to stop buying 100% cotton bed-sheets.

4. Polyester – Polyester bed-sheets are cool and soft in feel and offer a comfortable night’s sleep. They are quite affordable as well as durable. Polyester bed-sheets are easy to maintain and due to the synthetic fabric, these bed-sheets are durable.

5. Cotton Flannel – This is a slightly heavy fabric that makes a fluffy and feathery kind of bed-sheet. Such a bed-sheet is mostly used in colder places as its fluffy surface traps the warmth inside and keeps the person sleeping on it warm.

6. Bamboo – It is the fabric made from natural bamboo fibers. The fabric is thus very soft and breathable. Moreover, bamboo fibers have antibacterial properties that make it a useful fabric in producing anti-allergic bed-sheets.

7. Cotton Satin – It is a tightly woven 100% cotton fabric with a satin weave. The presence of satin in the fabric makes it shiny and attractive. The best part about such bed-sheets is that they have all the good properties of a cotton bed-sheet plus softness and sheen of satin. It is easy to wash and is also durable.

8. Blended Cotton – When cotton is mixed with synthetic fibers, the fabric is called blended or poly-cotton. Bed-sheets made of this fabric are soft and breathable like cotton and easy to maintain and wrinkle resistant like synthetic fabrics. Hence, this fabric is frequently used to make bed-sheets that are pocket-friendly.

9. Tencel/Modal – Tencel and Modal fabrics are an eco-friendly alternative to cotton fabric for making soft bed-sheets. Though costlier than cotton, their texture is smoother than most cotton bed-sheets. Tencel and Modal bed-sheets can also be thought of as a luxurious version of cotton bedsheets.

There are many other fabrics as well that are used in making bed-sheets but they are either not often used or are not comfortable enough for a good night sleep. Moreover, there are many others that are too difficult or costly to maintain in a daily routine.

One thing that you should not forget while buying a comfortable bedsheet is that only you can decide for yourself and that you cannot depend on anyone else in deciding which bedsheet is the most comfortable one for you.


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