The Magic of Patches - Applique Print

Posted on: July 16th, 2019 05:14 PM

India has never failed to amaze the world with its art and culture. Everything of this country has a surprising element of its own, astonishing the people around the world. One such beautiful Indian creation is Applique work.
It is said to have its foundation in a small town of the temple city of odisha called Pipli. Appliqué print holds a high religious value. Being from the temple city, you can find various designs depicting lord Jagannath. 
The origin of appliqué work actually has a funny story. Tailors (darjis) used this trick to hide ripped part of clothing and used to add patches in that place! The craftsman used to add one or many different piece of clothing at the place of the torn part, to hide the rips. And this somehow got into trend, and gave birth to appliqué pattern! But now this trick has become a way of living for various tribe and local people of Pipli and other regions.
The word Applique has been Derived from a French word, which means to ‘put on’. And being true to its meaning, this work is done by putting and sticking some piece of fabrics over a base. To explain it clearly, it is ornamental needle work, wherein different pieces of varied shapes and patterns are stuck or sewn on a larger piece to form a pattern or a piece. It is used in clothes and decoration. You can find a wide range of appliqué prints in the market. From pillows to curtains, to lamps to hand bags, you name it, and you can find it in Applique print. You can also find appliqué print bed sheets online. This print covers a wide range of products, which extends itself beyond clothing and is also used for décor and accessory purpose.
If you want to give Applique print a shot, you can find a wide range of online retailers dealing in this pattern and delivering an absolute beauty!


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