The Extraordinary Process of Block Printing of Jaipur Fabric

Posted on: August 4th, 2016 03:04 PM

Jaipur fabric is named after the capital and largest city of Rajasthan in Northern India which is Jaipur. In addition, the economy of Jaipur is filled up by tourism, gemstone cutting, manufacturing of jewelry and luxurious textile, and information technology. This presents an exclusive range of block print double bed sheet handiwork from the premium cotton quality that guarantees a great experience to the user.

There are also different parts of the district where Jaipur fabrics provide service. Each of their products has their own uniqueness which gives their customers varied options by using their own taste for different purposes. Here are the 3 kinds of Jaipur fabric:

• Bandhej Fabric

It is a handcrafted textile that uses eco-friendly natural fiber (dyes date back when primitive societies discovered that colors can be obtained from plants, flower, leaves etc) and is the most popular kind of fabric at Rajasthan and has a high demand over the globe. Bandhej can also be called Bhandhani fabric is the common method of tying and dying in India. This was also the most ancients and surface method of ornating patterns on a textile. Bandhani is considered as a symbol of girlhood, love, and marital happiness that significant part of wedding ensembles and was first used in a royal marriage during the era of Bana Bhatt’s Harshacharita.

• Bagru Fabrics

Bagru being far away from the city and is actually a small city within Jaipur district was left alone by the international market because of its preserved elements of traditional block printing but recently gain more attention. This hand block printing is known as the Bagru prints that cannot be found anywhere. Its technique involves wooden block that is engraved in a wooden block with the desired design that is being applied to the fabric with its desired color. These fabrics are used to make various textiles with its specialty in bed sheets and covers. The quality Indian bed sheets that are exported in other countries are usually originated from Bagru.

• Sanganeri Fabrics

Sangneri is made from a hand-block printing technique that originates from Sanganer. Sanganer is a town located in the south of Jaipur and is famous for textile printing. Sanganer is popular for its Calico printed bed covers, quilts, and sari. Calico printing first outline is first printed, and then the color is filled in. Sanganeri prints are said to be popular for their delicate floral sprigs.

As a customer or buyer, we will never know how beautiful and classic an old product design, even its shape, style, and color until we have one. Block printing is simply beautiful because it is not regular and perfect, also for being a natural eco-friendly. It is the oldest beautification method of fabric which includes different techniques of printing whether it is carved wooden blocks or cotton fabric that the whole process contains complete hand work or craftsmanship. Wooden blocks are firstly designed on papers and then carved by our block makers. Its aim is to create designs with the modern touch in the most traditional hand block printing process.


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