The Best Quilt Fabric For Your Little One: Muslin Cotton

Posted on: January 21st, 2021 11:07 AM

There is almost no other feeling on this planet that can ever come near to the feeling of becoming a new parent. No matter how tired you may get, you always want to go the extra mile to ensure that your toddler is getting the best care and facing the least discomforts. 


One fail-proof way to comfort a raging baby is to swaddle him or her in a blanket or a quilt. What is swaddling? It is the practice of wrapping your baby like a little cocoon to give them the feeling of being in a womb. It gives them the maximum sense of security and limits their startle reflex, which is the random jerky movements of arms and legs that are common amongst babies up to five months of age.


However, as a new parent, it is essential to note that not every fabric gets built to be gentle to your newborn's soft skin. You need to be extra wary when choosing fabric for your baby's quilt so that it is not too heavy or harsh on their skin.


What Would Be The Best Fabric For Your Baby's Quilt?


Our answer would be muslin cotton. Muslin Cotton got its name from the port town of Masulipatnam in India, the place it has initially been traded from in general. This soft and delicate fabric has remained popular to date for its numerous qualities, especially amongst new parents.


·        Why Trust Muslin Cotton? 


Muslin has been there since ancient times as a fabric typically used for babies. Traditionally it was used as a burping cloth. In this blog, we will be sharing a few reasons why Muslin Cotton is the perfect choice for baby quilts!


1.     Its Hypoallergenic Quality Makes It Suitable For Your Baby's Delicate Skin:


The soft and delicate skin that babies have make them a lot more prone to skin irritations and allergies can turn deadly for their skin. Parents have to choose their baby's fabrics extra cautiously so that the fabric's surface is not rough or scratchy on them. 


This reason makes muslin cotton a perfect choice for your baby quilt as it is an incredibly soft and smooth fabric that protects their skin. The muslin as a fabric also has hypoallergenic qualities, which makes it free from bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. It helps keep the baby's skin itch-free and safe!


2.     Muslin Is A Lightweight, Breathable, And A Thermal Regulating Fabric:


Almost every new parent has gone through the horrors of seeing their baby get overheated because of the quilt fabric trapping their body heat and not allowing any free movement of air. 


This situation is a tale of the past now, as muslin cotton is thermal regulating. This factor means that it can move the heat away from your baby. It keeps your baby dry and clean throughout the night! The fabric allows easy circulation of air and absorbs any moisture; this factor reduces overheating and any discomfort of the baby. 


This factor also helps in soothing your baby's rashes or eczema so they can heal faster. 


3.     Muslin Cotton Helps Your Baby to Sleep Comfortably:


It is a known fact that sleep is an essential element for babies; they need at least 15 or more hours of sleep each day. However, the fuss they throw regarding rest is not something uncommon either. 

Muslin cotton quilts get designed to mimic the feeling of a womb. The quilts give them a warm, gentle, and secure environment to help your baby establish a more significant sleeping pattern. 


4.     The Anti-Microbial Property Of Muslin Helps It Stay Cleaner And Smell Better:


 Muslin cotton fabric has a unique ability that allows them to be a natural antimicrobial agent. This naturally occurring agent prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and several other microscopic pests that usually thrive in a baby's bedding quilts or clothing materials. Hence, having a baby quilt that possesses natural antimicrobial properties ensures a safer and healthier environment for your little one, all day and every day!


5.     Having a Muslin Cotton Fabric As Your Baby Quilt Ensures Travelling Benefits As Well:


Even though parenting is an experience like no other, new parents have to sacrifice several things in the post-birth months. Traveling is one of those experiences. 


Traveling with a baby can get overwhelming for many; hence it is highly recommended to opt for quilt fabrics that can provide multifunctional care. Muslin Cotton quilts are lightweight, so you can easily carry them in your traveling bag without having to sacrifice a ton of space. 


Whether it is a plane ride or a long car ride, you can easily pack a Muslin quilt along with the baby's other belongings. Parents can also put the quilt in their baby's stroller for an extra layer of comfort for their baby! 


You are bound to face tons of challenges at every step; you may feel very sleep deprived at times. Yet it is an experience that rewards you like no other, and you always want the very best for your baby.


We understand this, and hence we hope that our blog helped out to provide your baby with the utmost care and comfort!   


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