Striking Home Decoration Tips For Christmas Eve

Posted on: December 10th, 2019 02:59 PM

New Year holidays are coming to a close, which means that your decoration time has started at home. The design of the living space in the right way will help to create a great mood and tune. The brighter and more varied the design of your room, the more accurately you will be able to tell all the beauty of the holiday on New Year's Eve.

The choice of accessories and Christmas toys should be approached as responsibly as possible. The attractive colour schemes will make the original interior items this year, unlike the previous ones and give a sense of fairy tale and magic.

Christmas decorations in the house should not be effortless and thoughtless.

The traditional colours of the New Year holidays are blue, yellow, red and green. But what if you deviate a little from this rule? One of the internal trends of this year can be considered in terracotta and dark green colours. They coincide with the "colour" of the year according to the Chinese horoscope. Covers, tablecloths, pillow covers choose in this colour scheme. This will give the room a stylish, modern and festive look.

Prepare all materials in advance, design the layout, making sure there is a space in the interior for each accessory.

Who said you couldn't do without a tablecloth at the New Year's table? Designers recommend replacing cloth tablecloths with gift wraps. The main thing is that the paper is normally "fit" internally, and there was not much artistic, glossy print. The hostess will not have to worry about the stains left by the guests on such a tablecloth, as the New Year's Eve paper may be thrown away after the end.

Creating a harmonious and enjoyable design on the New Year theme is not difficult, but the process requires preparation.

Christmas tree Decoration Ideas

The surviving sprays are considered a relic of the past. Modern people care for nature and prefer to choose spruce made of artificial materials. Pay attention to the golden colour.

The brightest and most stylish jewellery can not only be purchased at the store but can also be made with your own hands using improvised materials.

Gold Plated Christmas Toys "It would be beneficial to look at the interior, iridescent LED backdrop fitted in any case. It is recommended to complete the composition with the help of silver cones and organza in natural colours.

The New Year's decoration of the apartment begins with the selection of appropriate materials to create a festive atmosphere.

A non-solution would be to place toys and garlands in a spiral. You need to start decorating the spruce with a garland. According to a certain direction, a small quantity of balls and tinsel is placed.

If we are talking about decorating the Christmas tree, standard ornaments come to mind, which can be purchased in almost every store before the holiday.

Alas, beautiful Christmas decorations now cost a lot of money. But this does not mean that your New Year tree should be left without decoration. A great option would be the New Year Ice pieces cut with paper, cardboard, felt or chintz. You can decorate a snowflake with guilds, pearls or pearls.

Any material can be used for decorative purposes.

Lost light bulb burned out at home? Very nice! Braid yourself with sparkles, glue, scissors and elaborate strips of organza. The help glue with sequins should be applied to the light bulb, use a strip of organza as a rope. It is a wonderful and most important creative alternative to classic balls.

Show your imagination and don't be afraid to feel the boldest thoughts.

Living room decoration ideas

The living room is the centrepiece of any home, especially during the holidays. It is in this room that family members, friends and other guests gathered at the festive table. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the decoration of the room.

When deciding how to decorate a house for New Year 2020 with your own hands, do not forget about the harmonious arrangement of furnishings.

The traditional New Year festival is a relic of the past; it is not always generally friendly internally. Especially inappropriate decoration will look if the room is built in the style of scaffolding, Provence or high-tech. It is better to give preference to more modern options for the design of residential premises.

The colour and shape of jewellery also play an important role.

Christmas garland will give a New Year mood and will look incredibly impressive in almost any interior. As a basis, you can take straw, cardboard, wire or vine. Draw a circle from any of the selected materials. Next, artificial spruce is fixed to the spruce branch or another material base. After that, you can proceed to decorate the wreath.

Dried sour slices, small-sized Christmas decorations, mountain ashes or dry branches of viburnum, cones are appropriate.

Candles - The more they settle in the living room - the better. They can be purchased at the store or made independently. But to see the candles not accidental - decorate them. Open with gilding, fix with candles. Help glue beads or beads for them

Do not keep burning candles in a room.

Ties the cloth - Making them yourself is enough. It is necessary to take a piece of cloth, preferably dense and make a bow. The colour of the bow is chosen according to the general colour scheme of the room. They can be golden, blue, red, green and silver. This decoration will look fantastic on the backs of chairs.

The bow can be attached to a cushion or curtain.

Place small saucers with free New Year treats on free surfaces. Gingerbread cookies in hand-made cookies, glazes, jam, ginger sticks would be an excellent filling of such containers.

The pattern on the window - To apply this, ideas will need special paints that can be purchased in the store.

Invite your child for help; you will not only decorate the glass but also have a great time together.

Garland - You can make them with support coloured paper, multicoloured ribbons, showers, plastic Christmas toys.

Wigwam - Great idea for children's room design. For the construction of the structure, 6-8 wooden bars, linen or cotton cloth will be required. You can decorate the structure with an electric garland or some other way.

Such a lodge will not only decorate the room but will also bring great joy to the child.

Homemade Christmas Tree - Great choice for those who don't plan to buy live spruce. A homemade Christmas tree is made from any improvisation material. Cardboard, wire or Christmas tree tinsel is appropriate. The material is twisted so that a cone is formed. For size, there are no restrictions. But it is better to do many such crafts, whose height does not exceed 20 cm, and distribute them evenly throughout the nursery.

Follow safety precautions and if possible refuse to use glass toys in the child's room. Such toys are rather fragile, and if not handled with care, the child may be injured.

Ideas for table setting

First, you need to decide what colour scheme the table will be decorated in, and choose an appropriate tablecloth. It can be white, plaid or some kind of New Year print.

So that you do not have to do the work again many times, plan where and how the New Year environment will be created.

You need to decorate the table very accurately to avoid a pile of objects and to maintain balance. Can be used as jewellery placed in the shore decorated with delicious sprigs. Or take some transparent vases, fill them with balls, branches of mountain ash or any other dried berries, cones, needles and distribute them on the table.

Make sure that not only the furniture but also the various surfaces in the house are decorated as a celebration.

It is desirable that home decorations for the New Year 2020 be made in the same style.

Given that you can make many items yourself, you don't need to spend money on a stylish serving.

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Christmas home decoration

Let's begin, perhaps, with the main New Year emblem - a Christmas tree or a cedar ... The festive tree can be decorated in five main places:

It should be noted that in recent years, Christmas trees have been similarly decorated in toys of shape and colour, for example, the Golden Ball, which is relevant. But if you want an absolute uniqueness, decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments made with your own hands.

Also, it is not impossible to mention a Christmas tree decorated only with a shrub garland; such a tree seems most beneficial if there are many more items in the room decorated in the same style as the New Year tree.


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