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Stop Making These 9 Mistakes While Buying Bed Sheets

Posted on: May 10th, 2022 11:31 AM

We, humans, spend one-third part of our lives sleeping. If you truly count the hours that you spend on your bed in a day, then don’t forget to include the time you spend watching web series and shows and working on your laptop. 

In a word, you spend a very long time in your bed. It means you have to spend on a good option of bedding. So, you don’t feel exhausted and tired after leaving your bed. Good bedding will support your body posture, and keep you refresh and healthy. 

The bedding is an essential element of your bedroom that will not only decide the comfort for you but will also uplift the interior simply. When it comes to buying bedding, what do you consider the first?

Honestly, we all go with the looks, looks, and looks. Firstly, we just only think about how it will look on the bed, is it the right color, or it will go just right with the rest of the interior?

We come to the comfort, thread count, and fabric after that and rarely give more attention to these things. These are one of the biggest mistakes that we all do when buying bedsheets. 

Besides, do you know how many mistakes you commit while buying a bedsheet and end up with the completely wrong product even after hours of research work?

Here we have listed the top 9 mistakes that people commit when purchasing bedding. So, you don’t repeat them. 

1.  Consider a higher thread count:

Counting the thread count is one of the rules that buyers follow religiously. A higher thread count indicates the quality of a bedsheet. It works when you are buying bed sheets online and can’t touch them to feel the thickness. 

Counting the threads is a good habit. However, you should not always rely on the thread count. Just give more attention to the fabric. So, you get the right value for money. 

2.  Never know your fabric:

What fabric you should choose when it comes to buying sheets? People often really don’t know the fabric that can match all their unique requirements. You will find wool, silk, and cotton bedsheets in the market. 

Instead of picking a popular fabric, choose a material that can work the best for you. Know your fabric requirements to make the right fabric choice. So, you can enjoy the desired comfort in bed. 

3.  Never read the small details:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that 99% of buyers do. Have you ever experienced that your 100% cottonbedsheet is not working as a true cotton bedsheet? It is all because you skip the small details while shopping for sheets. 

There are cotton blend bed sheets are available in the market that looks like cotton, feel like cotton but don’t work like cotton. Next time, read the small details. So, you don’t waste your money on the wrong product. 

4.  Forget about the seasons:

Do you think what bedsheet you should buy according to the season? People often give more attention to the material to get a suitable bedsheet. However, they forget about the prints and colors. 

If you want to add some life to your bedroom, then decorate it according to the season. Get the floral bedsheet for the summer to welcome the freshness and colors of flowers. So, you can feel a new energy in your room and remove the dullness. 

5.  Picking the right sheet type is always confusing:

What sheet will work the best for you fitted or flat? Yes, fitted bedsheets are easier to use and manage. However, flat bedsheets are versatile and you can use them for different purposes easily. 

Both types of bedsheets have some perks and drawbacks that you should know before selecting a bedding type. Choose the type that meets all your needs and makes your experience easy. 

6. Fall for embroidery and fancy embellishing:

The embroidered bedding is super classy and elegant to look at. It will remind you of fairytales. However, you need a bed to sleep not pleasing your guests all the time. The heavy embroidery can be too uncomfortable for you to sleep and cause discomfort. 

Instead of focusing on beauty, just pick comfort. Buy a bedsheet that has light embroidery on corners and a smooth middle surface. So, you can have a peaceful sleep. 

7.  Never measures the mattress correctly:

Do you always end up buying the wrong size of bedsheet even after getting the measurement? Your queen size bed may require king size bed sheets because of the height of the mattress. 

People get the measurement of the mattress from the width and forget to measure the height. The height of your mattress can also make the bedsheet shorter for your bed. So, next time, include the height in your measurement to get the right set of bedding. 

8.  Always finding cheaper prices:

If you want quality, then you better be prepared to pay the right price. People always search for cheaper options for purchasing 100% cotton bedsheets to save money. 

The market offers endless options for bedsheets and you will find cotton bedsheets at a surprising price. However, you will never get the satisfying quality and durability of the sheets. Deal with a provider that offers quality at a reasonable cost. 

9. Buy bedsheets for specific occasions: 

Some people only buy bedsheets for special occasions like Diwali, New Year, Christmas, and more. They always pick a bedsheet that perfectly matches the occasion and it makes it hard to use the bedsheet for other important events. 

Instead of pairing your bedsheets with festive themes, focus on the vibrant colors and designs that can go well with any special occasion. It will allow you to use your special sheets at any event and create a decent look for your room.

In the final note:

Pick a bedsheet that truly meets your needs and desires. So, you can enjoy comfort and happiness every minute. 


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