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Spiritually Upgrade Your Bedroom with Mandala Bed Sheets

Posted on: November 23rd, 2021 12:14 PM

“Mandala is all about finding peace in the symmetry of the design and of the universe”- Saudamini Madra.

Mandala Print bed sheets are popular around the world due for two reasons, first its unique design, and second its ancient history. It is an art that is created in a circle using different symbols. Each symbol of mandala art represents a significant meaning and principle.

The ancient history of the mandala:

“Mandala” word is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means circle. A mandala is a geometric design that represents the universe. It combines different diagrams, symbols, and shapes, which show the transformation of the universe.

The mandala has been a part of two cultures including Buddhism and Hinduism. Tibetan Buddhist monks consider the mandala as a healing tool. It improves meditation and connects individuals to the universe.

In Hinduism, the mandala has a religious significance. It is designed focusing on the divinity that provides spiritual healing and positivity.  

Mandala bed sheets:

Mandala bed sheets are popular because of their ancient history and attractive prints. In the range of mandala print bed sheets, you will discover a huge color range. The bedsheets are available in unique color shading and the prints make it a piece of art.

It is a must-have bed sheet that you should add to your collection. It will change your bedroom vibe completely and add elegance and magic simply.

Types of mandala bed sheets:

You will find a wide range of mandala prints in the market. However, there are three types of mandala bed sheets that you will find. Here we have mentioned the top three types of mandala bed sheets and their significance. 

1. Bohemian elephant mandala bedsheets:

Bohemian elephant mandala print bedsheet is one of the most popular designs that you will find. This print combines unique patterns, symbols, and elephant prints, which highlight art, theology, and myths.

The bohemian mandala bed sheets tell a unique story through prints and designs. Moreover, it also represents characteristics like luxury, loyalty, leadership, and power.

2. Dream catcher bedsheets:

The dream catcher mandala bedsheets are inspired by ancient Indian culture, where they use charms to keep the negativity and bad forces from the house. The charms have some unique and attractive designs that caught the attention of artists that inspire them to develop them into a complete art.

The dream catcher mandala bed sheet also works similarly. It will introduce positivity and good luck to you.

3. Animal print mandala:

It is also one of the popular types of mandala print bed sheets. This design combines animal prints including dolphins, turtles, elephants, scorpions, horses, and giraffes. All these animals represent luxury, prosperity, and positivity in their way. It will protect your bedroom against evil forces.

Plus, it also plays a significant role in the Hindu culture that will allow you to style your bedroom in a sophisticated way.  

Fabulous ways to style mandala bed sheets:

The mandala bed sheets come with versatility. It blends completely with every interior design and compliments the vibes of a room simply. Using mandala bed sheets, you can create a completely different look for your bedroom in no time.

So, here we are sharing some fabulous ways to style it in your bedroom to experience some magic. 

1. Welcome colors to your bedroom:

The market offers a wide variety of mandala bed sheets. You will find it in a single color, double color, multicolor and shaded prints as well. So, if you want to spice up a boring interior, then you can simply buy a multicolor mandala bed sheet for your bedroom.

Pair the colorful mandala bedsheet with some elegant dream catchers. It will not only introduce the color in your room, but it will also keep the negative vibes away and bring joy to your life.  

2. Transform your bedroom into bohemian style:

Nowadays, bohemian style is a new trend. Whether it comes to clothing, jewelry, or home décor, it always grabs the attention of buyers. It has the power the influence the entire environment and can add style to anything.

So, if you want to do something challenging with your bedroom interior, then why don't you try bohemian style? Get some bohemian-style bed sheets in shaded colors and style it with rugs and brass furniture. It will add a wow factor to your room’s interior. 

3. Add charm to a bare wall:

Stop using your bed sheets for your beds. It is time to add some spark to your bare walls. No, it is not a joke; you can do it with mandala bed sheets. The circle-shaped art makes it a perfect wall hanging.

So, who needs expensive wallpaper, when you can turn your bed sheet into a classic piece of wall art. Hang the bedsheets on a bare wall and decorate it with your favorite fairy lights. It dramatically changes the environment of your room.

4. Give a deep meaning to your bedroom décor:

Are you looking for meaningful bedroom décor ideas? Instead of following fancy décor themes, you can set a bedroom with meaningful mandala bed sheets. The mandala has played a significant role in the different cultures.

It represents purity, good luck, and the formation of the universe. So, you can simply design your bedroom with mandala-printed bed sheets and rugs. It will deliver satisfaction and happiness to you.

5. Spread positivity and spirituality with mandala prints:

The Buddhist monks strongly believe that the mandala plays a spiritual role. It is a medium to perform meditation. So, if you want to bring positivity and spirituality to your bed room, then give it a try to mandala printed bed sheets.

Pair the mandala-printed bedsheets with mandala-printed rugs and wall hangings. It will promote a positive environment and bring amazing changes in your life as well. 

On a short note:

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