Spice Up Your Bedrooms With Block Printed Bed Sheets

Posted on: September 17th, 2020 02:13 PM

Bed Sheets are gorgeous, help in decorating and amplify the beauty of the bedroom; more significantly when the colors and patterns match with one another. And the ancient art of block printing on cotton bed sheets make your bedroom outstanding. These block printed bed sheets connect you with the culture of traditional India. Though, the process is excessively tedious, demanding exceptional eye to hand coordination.


Rajasthan is the major hub of Block printing artwork in India. Block Printed Bed Sheets are available worldwide, reputed, and used amongst several groups and ethnicities. However, people rarely consider the aesthetic and artistic value hidden in these bedsheets, using them ignorantly. When presented the right way, these bedsheets could transform your room into heaven on earth.


Quality of Material


•          Quality of Cotton


India has made its reputation as one of the largest producers of cotton worldwide. The raw material for bed sheets ranges from coarser verities of fabric to fabric known for their unrivaled natural smoothness and tenacity. Cotton stands undoubtedly as one of the most versatile and easy to use materials in the entire world. Most bed sheets that get adorned with these stunning block printed designs; usually come from significantly high categories of cotton fabric. This quality doesn't just help in helping the paint stick to the cloth but is useful for human health.


No matter the temperature or climate, cotton's insulating properties will keep us safe, and our body temperature at its comfortable limits. Apart from that, cotton's exceptional smoothness can reduce the chances of body rashes, and possible skin related problems.


•          Quality of color


The right kind of color helps bring out the true essence of the art of block printing. Cotton double bed sheets are but a canvas for these magnanimous patterns, which leave our eyes in awe. There can be no doubting the divine beauty of this craft; however, in the 21st century, the fineness and the ingredients of the color may play a significant role. Laws regulate the use of toxic, chemically processed color for almost all kinds of artistic expressions.


Block Printers use paints, processed by natural oils. This quality makes the product completely eco-friendly, negating any chances of it harming the environment in any way. These natural oils react well with the naturally spun cotton, sticking well with the beautiful fabric.


Uniqueness of Design


Block Printed Bed Sheets are primarily known for their vibrant designs; the accuracy showcased in the alignment and placement of these unique patters can blow anyone's mind. Customers can indulge in a detailed discussion with the artists, explaining their tastes, and desires; the result is unique to the customer's preference. A properly trained block printing expert can create accurately diversified sections of their design on a bedsheet, almost utilizing it like a painter's canvas. No matter what you may be, you will surely find a design unique to you and your room.


Printing Process


Most block printing projects are conducted by hand, coordinating the use of the eye, and hands with inhuman precision. The entire process requires the complete artist's dedication and attention for them to pull through properly. However, to properly understand the physical and mental tribulations that the printers go through, we must first delve deeper into the world of block printing and understand all its facets.



•          Carving of the Block


Before beginning the process of printing on top of a bedsheet, the artist must first carve your favorite design on a block; block carvers in India hail from the famed Chhipa Community in Rajasthan. This community has been dedicatedly perfecting this art for hundreds of years. With the assistance of their trusty old hammer and chisel, these artisans drill and carve a unique pattern on top of a wooden block.


After carving, the blocks get submerged in a pool of mustard oil, allowing them to rest there for slightly more than a week. Once extracted from the oil, the wooden block becomes rock-solid; hard enough to last for decades when appropriately used.


•          Dyeing


Along-side the assistance of a 'sieve,' the artist then applies a hefty of dye on top of the now prepared wooden block. Usually, the artists press the woodblock on a palette filled with color, before accurately pressing the block on top of the cotton bed sheet.


•          Preservation of Fabric


The cotton bed sheet must be washed well before the application of paint on its surface. Any amount of starch could prove disadvantageous in the process. After the process of washing, these bed sheets are then placed accurately on top of a steady printing table, commencing the final operation.


•          Printing Process


With proper coordination between the hands and the eyes, patters then get placed on top of the bedsheet. Wooden blocks get pressed precisely on the location where the pattern is supposed to get set, and lifted in the way, to prevent spilling. The process of dipping and pressing continues until the entire fabric is accurately adorned with the perfect layer of paint.


Reasonable Pricing

For those wondering whether such stunning pieces of art could get on the expensive side of the scale or not; there is little to worry. These bedsheets are widely available and sold in the international market at affordable prices. The general public can usually afford it.


There is no doubt about the beauty of Block Printed Bed Sheets. Once purchased, these bed sheets could significantly heighten the aesthetics of your bedroom, making you and your guests want to stare at the sheer beauty of it. Such art pieces are a rare treat to the eye and must be appreciated and preserved as such. To pull out the true essence of these art pieces, we must know how to place them in your room, while also respecting the integrity.


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