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Rajasthani Royalty Comes Home with Jaipur Fabrics at Incredible Prices

Posted on: September 7th, 2015 01:25 PM

India’s beauty rests in its diversity in all aspects. Be it painting, handicrafts, tapestry, cuisine, this beauty is presented in all forms. What is unique is the manner in which every region’s fabric, define the culture of that region making people go back to that era of royalty. Topping the list is definitely the pink city of India, Jaipur, home to the majestic Rajputs and Bandhani prints. The speciality of jaipur fabric is in its innovative and distinctive method of making these fabrics. They undergo various methods of intricate detailing before being finally worthy of marketing. Thus, all those multicoloured Bandhani prints, zardozi, batiks and lehariyas, samdhars have a history of their own.


The very beauty of Jaipur fabrics rests in the manner in which apart from clothes it can be used in making bed sheet, cushion covers, quilts and various other articles of home decoration. Be it the Bandhani style, jaipur fabrics dyed and block printing, zardosis of bandej, or the hand block printing of Sanganeri, Jaipur art is found with its embellishment in every aspect with a majestic tuch.


Bandej fabric also known as Bandhani prints one of the most sought after craft all over the world has an intricate process of making. This fabric is tied well before dying and then this cloth is plucked with fingernails into much tiny bidding forming a figurative design. Available in a variety of colours, it is commonly used in making sarees, suits, lehengas.


Hand block printing is an inseparable part of Rajasthani heritage. It can be divided into two categories, one being this Sanganeri print, which includes printing on a white background and Bagru printing, done on the black and red background. Sanganer is famous for its calico printed bed covers, quilts and sarees, where an outline is drawn previously and later colours are filled in. This print is visible in the form of luxuriant flowers like sunflowers, narcissus and daturas. Since with time Jaipur has become an export hub of India Sanganeri prints have gained ground again.


What happens to be the most promising feature of this print is the use of manual labour in the production stage. This increases its material and integral value to a very high level.Since contrasted to machine made goods these are more intricate and longlasting textiles.


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