Rajasthani Print on Table Cloth Explicates its Cultural Magnificence

Posted on: February 24th, 2017 02:33 PM

Dreaming of owning classy home interiors and accessories is not a crime. Of course, everyone wants that people visiting their place should get spellbound by the mystic ambiance. Considering the preference of traditional artefacts in home, Rajasthan is the most authentic choice; a place that has given birth to some of the most spectacular looking handicrafts, keeping a Rajasthani theme for your drawing room is quite a right decision. In this category, furniture selection may be wooden with darker tone as well as golden outlines like that of Kings and Queens augments the charm. But, what really adds a glorious touch to the drawing room is Table Cloth authenticated with Rajasthani style.

It is known world-wide that there are a lot of stylistic printing techniques glorifying in Rajasthan. Sanganeri, Bagru, Dabu, Block, Akola and Azrakh are the most stunning masterpieces. Of course, each of them has its own charm and holds possibility to smarten the interiors of a Living Room. Talking about the Block printing on Table Cloth, one can find lighter shades of cloth used as the base. Further to this, the brighter colored designs are imprinted on them for developing specific patterns. Each and every block is manufactured with some patterns on them. They are dipped in “healthy colors” and imprinted on the cloth piece in inverted style. Now, one can buy table clothes with Block prints in varied shades from online stores selling Rajasthani artefacts.

If block printing is not on the cards; there is quite a possibility that people might opt for a Bagru printed table cloth for enhancing the appeal of a centre table. Designs in gorgeous colors such as indigo blue, iron block, alizarin and bright yellow are fashioned on grainy cotton cloth by aboriginal processed of dyeing and printing. In structuring designs, geometrical arrangements are developed with flowery, animal and bird forms. Definitely, it is a stunning masterpiece that would be appreciated by any visitor coming to home. Significantly available at affordable rates over the websites showcasing Rajasthani masterpieces, these stylistic pieces can be bought easily.

Besides the printing patterns, there are many people that have preference for embroidered table Cloth to lend royal touch to their living room. In this regard, applique work is one of the most opted pieces as a Table Cloth. For this purpose, mill manufactured average weight white cotton cloth formulates the ground on which Patches of varied hues, shades, sizes and figures are positioned in a illustrative pattern. Later on, they are cropped, slip stitched, flogged occasionally and fine-tuned with running stitch as well as button hole. This type of embroidery is richly crafted and the Table Cloth is required to be taken care. This means that such types of table clothes require maintenance to retain their beauty.  Some people may use a transparent plastic sheet over them to safeguard the beautiful art from getting any kind of stains. Definitely, such types of Table Cloths will surely add to the magnificence of the room interior. 


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