rajasthani single bedsheets

Rajasthani Bed sheets for Single Bed are Smart Pieces

Posted on: July 7th, 2017 05:58 PM

It is true to say that the beauty of the bed is with a magnificent looking bed sheet. A variety of bed sheets are available in the market. But, the Rajasthani bed sheet has its own name and fame. In the market, machine printed bed sheets in various designs are available at competitive rates. Indeed, the hand made Rajasthani bed sheets are in great demand with a distinctive value. Everyone knows that Rajasthan is widely famous for its printing fabric. The princely state has always been a patronage to the ancient royal printing work. This can be easily visualized on the printing work crafted over Rajasthani bed sheets.

In the market, bed sheets for single bed and double beds are available. Considering the importance of Rajasthani bedsheet, it can be said that a great printing work is spread all over the bed, giving a spectacular appeal to the interiors of a room. The size of single bed sheet is to cover 3 ft. x 6 ft. area on the bed. In comparison to double bed sheet, the single bed sheet has its own eminent look. The expert artist brings their wide colorful concepts on small sized single bed sheet to craft a fabulous art work. Rajasthani bed sheet resemblances its colorful culture. The impression of Rajasthani folk dancing girls, the signature of royal palace, the imprints of Rajasthani forts, elephants and camels can be seen on the Rajasthani bed sheets.

Hand painted bed sheets are in great demand in the market. The handmade knitted patches stitched on the bed sheet give an exclusive look. At some point, block printing is also done on the bed sheet. Along with this, one can also check out “Tie and Dye” prints on the bed sheet. In “Tie and Dye” method, the cloth is tied with thread in an inimitable way and tied cloth is dipped into the color. After removing thread, a wonderful design on cloth comes out. Apart from the cotton ones, silk printed fabric bed sheet has its own customers. Its softness, shining and stunning prominent style attracts the people.  

Rajasthani single bed sheets are available in cotton, silk and other fabric. But, traditional prints are more often found on cotton bed sheet. A large number of Rajasthani single bed sheets in cotton are crafted with premium quality cotton that enriches the fabric stuff of the bed sheet. The printing work on such cotton bed sheet comes with outstanding eye catching look. Sanganer, a city of Rajasthan is famous for its “Sanganeri prints” by using florescent colors like red, yellow, orange and blue. Another city of Rajasthan, Barmer is also famous for its unique kind of printing work on bed sheets. Due to its distinguished printing work and small size, the Rajasthani single bed sheet are also used to spread in the kids’ room. These types of single bed sheets have immense popularity among the people. Now, the demand for Rajasthani bed sheets is increasing rapidly outside India also.


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