Quilt: Principle Choice For Every Season

Posted on: November 3rd, 2016 12:49 PM

All are waiting for the winter season, almost came. To protect ourselves from cold and have cozy sleep quilts are must. But nowadays, we are seeing that people are shifting towards trend and fashion. So keeping in mind the trend and fashion quilts are the better options to make your winters warm and your room colorful. The other advantage of the quilt is that they add up colors to our room décor. For years in India, it is well known about the intricate art of homemade quilts. The trend we can see till now. Royal fabrics and edges stitches are used from the majestic times and the tradition continues till date.

But still, people are not aware of the quilts. What the exactly quilt is?

Basically, it is the type of blanket having three layers of fibers. A woven top cloth, a layer of batting and wadding and a woven back which is combined by the process called quilting. Quilt block- part of the quilt, in the older days when machines were not there, people used to make it with hands. So large pieces of fabrics can be cumbersome, that’s why they use to make it with the quilt blocks. Quilt squares- you can see big square pieces on the quilt, it’s a kind of patchwork made of cloth torn into squares and triangles and then stitched. You can have the embroidered quilts also, where embroidery stitches form the pattern on solid colored patterns.

But if we see the contemporary times the designers do go extremely creative. They are doing experiments, which helps us in adding the colors in our home décor. The weaving of the quilts in India is phenomenal. The best thing about the hand-woven quilts is that they do last for longer. Today the design and trend which looks traditional and fashionable at the same time are Rajasthan prints over quilts. In India Rajasthan and Maharashtra are the states which are good in designs and style of weaving.

In the present day, we can have quilts online offered by different brand stores. We can have designs and styles. When people are concerned about their home décor, so there is a wide range of designs and styles of quilts available online which suits the home décor theme. According to the bedroom decor theme, you could select sizes of the quilts. In online stores quilts for double bed, king size, single bed are available.

Parents usually go through the problem of kids not using blankets in winters. But here their problem is solved. Quilts with cartoon characters are in demand. Cartoon print quilts make your kid’s room complete and add colors in their room. Buying quilts online help you having the fashion and tradition at your door.

This winter makes your room trendy and cozy with different designs quilts. Never underestimate the fashion in trend. Every fashion adds more to the existing beauty of your room or your living premises. Go trendy with designer quilts.


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