Percale Vs Sateen - Choose Your Favourite Cotton Bed Sheet

Posted on: April 17th, 2020 04:22 PM

Are you looking to purchase some new bedsheets from the market but do not want to buy the same one which every second person is buying. Maybe you are looking for something new, and summer is started, so are looking for a light & smooth fabric. If this is the case, have you ever thought about Percale or sateen bed sheets? These two sheets are light in weight and will not increase weight.

Everyone wants to buy those bedsheets which feel relaxing for the skin and also do not cause any irritation. In the survey, it was measured that on average, a person spends a long time in their lifetime in bed, so it is obvious that it should be relaxing & peaceful. These sheets will provide you smoothness and slick finish as well.

Percale Bed Sheets

Percale bed sheets are made from cotton sheets and known for their quality material and smoothness. Original percale bed sheets come with a large number of thread counts, with a minimum start from 180. Although these sheets cost much higher than the standard bed sheets, percale bed sheets made by top quality long cotton and rigid weave pattern, which provide long term durability, this is the reason why that Interior designs & home decore experts says that putting money in these Percale or sateen sheets is a good investment in the long run.


Weave pattern for manufacturing these bedsheets is very regular but very useful. This pattern is known as One-over, One-under system. It simple means that one thread over and one thread under which is a very traditional method used for ages. This process provides an extra-strong point to the sheet. This process makes sure that the sheet is lightweight, soft, and durable as well.

With this pattern, one extra advantage is there, which is extra breathability of the cotton. This is the reason why that percale sheets are worn in hot temperatures.


What makes percale sheets differ from other cotton sheets? It is the longevity of the material used in these sheets. Due to this material, these sheets keep their shape & design intact even after several piles of washing.


With high quality smooth & crispy material used in these sheets, these sheets are free from design stretching & pilling.

 You might feel some stiffness with new sheets, but this will go away after some rounds of washing.

Sateen Bed Sheets

These sateen sheets are `also made of top quality material. They are made with high-quality cotton fibers. The only difference between these two sheets is the patterns of waiving of all the stuff.

With super quality softness and immense durability, these sheets are also known as a long term investment and highly recommended by interior designers.


The weaving pattern is much tricky in these sateen sheets as compared to percale sheets. In these sheets, the waving design is one over, three under stitching.  Although these added thread numbers might add weight count and these sheets are warmer as well.


Sateen bed sheets are made of long-staple cotton, which gives them long durability. So you can easily use them with careful washing in the long run.

The cotton used in manufacturing sateen sheets are naturally wrinkle-free, so there is no requirement for heat dying.


Sateen sheets are smooth & crisp. These sheets have a shiny texture, which gives a super look and excellent feeling.

With extra thread used in these sheets, natural breathability is bound to reduce in these sheets. Thus, these sheets are warmer as compared to percale sheets.


It depends upon your choice of what type of sheet you want to purchase; you can go with either Percale or sateen. Just make sure that you are buying from a trusted brand only. This will make sure that you are getting only the top quality material and the full value of money.

With today’s hectic lifestyle, everyone wants to have a decent sleep and a relaxing atmosphere. So you should choose the sheet only, which is suitable for your body type, in your budget and according to the environment in which you are living.

  Since you will put a decent amount of money on these sheets, you should check colors & patterns as well.  This will help you in managing your interior as well.


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