Now worlds on your hand with the beauty of Jaipur fabric

Posted on: December 26th, 2015 05:42 PM

India is world famous for its rich variety of traditions and cultures. Where else in the world will you find such a huge diversity? Each state in India has it's very own kind of climate, food and dress. One of those many states is Rajasthan, which is a famous tourist spot and one that is world renowned for the type of treatment it dishes out. It has it's very own brand of fabric named after its capital: Jaipur Fabric.

What is it?

The fabric of this place is what gives the entire city its identity. Back in the day, this was exclusively used to weave clothes for the kings and queens. It is made by the artists who live in Jaipur and all the other cities that are nearby in Rajasthan. It holds a lot of traditional values as well. A similar item to this cannot be found anywhere else. Hence, its name is Jaipur fabric.

The fabric also has a Jaipuri print on it to denote its exclusive nature. This fabric is used to make more or less all the products in the state of Rajasthan. That includes bags, saris, dress materials, quilts, surfs, covers for cushions and many others. That is why the clothing industry thrives as much as it does in the state of Rajasthan.

What is unique about it?

The fabric itself has a lot of varieties. You will find tons of different prints, hand blocks, materials, etc. The material itself varies a lot and ranges from cotton to silk to a bigger spectrum of colourful and innovative designs. And because of this unique nature, they are widely exported to other countries worldwide. Hence, they are in constant demand as well.

The best part about this fabric is the way it can not only be utilised for making clothes but also Jaipuri bed sheets. Not to mention, Jaipuri bed sheets are one of the finest brands of Indian bed sheets. And it's just not limited to bed sheets. This fabric has also been utilised for making cushion covers, multi-sized quilts and home decorative items as well.

Jaipuri fabric bed sheets

The reason Indian bed sheets are such in high demand in a lot of foreign countries is this fabric in particular. And why wouldn't the demand be high? The sheets are made from cotton of the finest available quality. The print on these sheets varies from a simple colour to beautifully designed block prints. Usually, most of the sheets are made from cotton. However, the most expensive bed sheets are made of silk.

The printing is done exclusively by local craftsmen. The colours they use are also of the finest quality, they never fade away too easily, even after 10 to 12 years of usage. The grams per square meter ratio used for this cotton is also of the highest order. You can easily feel that by lifting the bed sheet. And although it is true that this fabric is comparatively expensive than others, the quality to quantity ratio is still pretty high. 


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