Nature-Inspired Home Furnishing Items to Liven Up Your Bedrooms

Posted on: June 8th, 2021 03:35 PM

A nature-based aesthetic is one of the most pleasing and appealing looks that you can add to your bedroom. Nature-inspired patterns often include floral patterns, fauna patterns,  colors that you often see in your natural surroundings. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, natural decor can make you feel calm and serene.


This kind of home furnishing item works so well because we are attracted to natural elements. Vivid colors and interesting patterns make for an artistic beauty that is both relatable and soothing. In the bedroom, where you go to rest, having this kind of environment is of utmost importance. You feel the comfort around you and are able to enjoy a good nap. Even from a styling perspective, Nature-inspired decor is a classic look that goes along well with most types of houses. You simply cannot go wrong if you're trying out these products.


Nowadays, there are many artists producing such natural furniture that even you can purchase. Let us have a look at some of the best ones that can add an entirely new breath of fresh air to your bedroom.


1. Lilac Purple Floral Motif Bedsheet:

With its beautiful Lilac color and Floral print motifs Bedsheet is sure to give your bedroom a new twist. Being a pastel color, lilac has a very calming effect on the mind because it reminds us of flowers such as lavender.


Significance - A bedsheet is a great home decor buy because it is one of the most visible parts of the bedroom. Bedsheets can be used to send a bold message of styling if they are used correctly. Secondly, having the right sheets is also important for comfort. You don't want to sleep on rough Bedsheets that are made with tougher fabrics. Lastly, bed sheets that are made with natural elements are washable, and can easily last a long time if they are maintained well.


Specification - This particular piece is a Double Bedsheet meant for bigger beds. It is made out of pure unadulterated twill cotton, with a GSM of 153 and a thread count of 240. The dimensions of the bedsheet are 274 X 254 cm with pillow covers of 68.85 X 45.72 cm in size. It is a three-piece set with one double sheet and two pillow covers weighing 1 kilogram.

2.     Mustard Palm Grommet Curtain:

Being a warm color tone, Mustard has a very invigorating feel that conjures many powerful positive emotions. The palm trees print reminds us of a beach-like environment that is relaxing, warm, and comfortable.


Significance - As it is a Grommet Curtain the best part about it is that it is very easy to install and takedown, as you simply slide the curtain through the metal rings. This way, you can easily clean and maintain the curtains. The significance of curtains in a bedroom is important. They are used to block out light coming from outside and to provide privacy. This is important because the thickness and color of the curtain often decide the look of the room's lighting.


Specification - The Curtain is a Grommet Curtain so it has silver-colored rings at the top, through which you can mount the curtain. It is made out of fine quality pure cotton. With a mustard color, palm trees are printed onto it. The curtain is 7 feet long and 48 inches in width. Each curtain is sold separately. The care instructions are to wash and iron these curtains separately and not together with other fabrics.

3.     Blue Indian Bird Pattern Dohar:

The color Blue is one of the most peaceful and calming colors out there. Being blue, this blanked has a cooler color tone. The Bird Pattern is a callback to the diverse horticulture of India, with its hundreds of species of birds. The color and print combine to create a vivid design.


Significance - Dohars is a very useful piece of bedding for those living in colder climates. Because it is very thick, it works great as an insulator. However, conventional blankets still provide more warmth than Dohars, so in very cold regions, Dohars should be paired with another layer. Dohars are also called Razai and are native to many parts of Asia. These mulmul cotton dohars with their fabulous prints also double up as spectacular styling pieces for your bed.


Specification - This Dohar is made out of 100% pure Mulmul cotton that is super soft to touch. It comes with a 150 GSM Flannel filling that is fire retardant and very high quality. The blanket has hypoallergenic fillings that make it friendly to those who have any sort of allergies. It can also help with chronic joint pain that happens as a result of exposure to air conditioning. The Dohar is 132 X 213cm in dimensions with a Lace on the border. 

4.     Sea Turtle Print Throw Pillows:

Usually available in blue, teal, or green colors, Sea Turtle prints provide a very aquatic aesthetic to the environment. The feeling of being underwater is a marvelous one and gives the feeling of comfort and adventure.


Significance - Throw pillows are called so because they look like they've been thrown onto a piece of furniture. Their significance is purely decorative but they can also be used practically as a normal pillow. These throw pillows are a great way to accent your bedroom furniture and can go along well with your bedding. Throw pillows come in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors, so they can be used in many different settings.


Specification Throw pillows are usually made with materials like cotton, nylon, etc. They are not too big, averaging around 18 X 18 inches in size.


Nature-Based Furniture is the best way to revitalize a bedroom that is normally boring and drab. The sense of being around nature unlocks a unique emotion of comfort and serenity that will never be found in modern or contemporary furniture.  This is why these Nature Inspired home furnishing items are a must-buy for anyone looking to decorate and elevate their bedroom to the next level!


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