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Monsoon Collection Masterpiece - The Peacock Print Bed Sheets

Posted on: August 2nd, 2021 12:41 PM

The mundane lifestyle of today makes it inevitable to relish the joy of going to bed. After we toil all day long, the only thing which brings us the utmost comfort is our very precious bed when we come back home. Unlikely to state that returning home where you get your bed already done is an ecstatic feeling. Lying down on a comfy rectangular structure embellished with a soft double bedsheet allows you to rejuvenate. 

 At Jaipur Fabrics, we ensure to keep a check on demands and preferences of our customers. Thus, we make no compromise on the quality of the products. Apparently, we curate the kind of aesthetics which would certainly match your interiors. Designed to add a feather to the beauty of your bedroom, we weave subtle yet sophisticated double bedsheets

 With earnest clamor we gladly present to you our newly arrived ‘Peacock Print Bedsheets’. Monsoon is a season of love and compassion. Birds like peacocks tend to open their feathers and dance their heart out. Keeping in view the same notion, we have woven thread by thread our innovative Peacock Print Bed sheets.

To make your go to bed experience memorable, we acquaint you with the most prolific design from our monsoon collection i.e. dancing peacock. The velvety touch and smooth caress of these peacock print bed sheets would smitten you. Let us befriend you with some distinctive peacock patterns which would recreate your perspective towards the bedsheets. 

1. A Blend of Dabu Print and Peacock Print on a Cotton Bedsheet

An ancient rajasthani block print practice on fabrics is Dabu. Since long, this impression has passed on from generation to generation as a legacy. With the churning cycle of time, there came many variations in it but the thing which remained common is its beauty. The unmatched artistic outlook of a Dabu Print fabric simply elevates the aura of your bedsheet.  

 A Blend of Dabu Print and Peacock Print on a Cotton Bedsheet is just a cherry on the cake. When these two visually appealing prints make an alliance, what comes as a by-product is too tempting.  While this block print takes the charge of the borders, the peacock print decorates the middle section of the sheet. Together these patterns would reflect a picturesque thought which is best suited for the monsoon season. 

 The combination of block print or dabu and peacock print is unusual. It is rare to find such a masterpiece in your local market, that too at a reasonable price. Thereupon, you can buy it from us and scroll through the other patterns that we have in the box. 

2. A Natural Earth Brown Colour Double Bedsheet with a Peacock Print

According to vastu or home astrology, having natural colours in home decor brings tranquility. Seeing natural colours would keep your senses calm. However, in this mentally exhausting life we certainly require something to soothe ourselves. Having said that, we have done a little research on the same idea. What we got from the extensive study is really surprising. The words said are undoubtedly true. 

 As soon as we have got the facts proven, our weavers endeavoured to prepare a sheet which has more natural colours. So, here we exhibit a natural earth brown colour duble bedsheet with a peacock print. This magnificent sheet can be used on any occasion. We can bet that your guests will be mesmerized with its jaw- dropping beauty. 

Not only will it enhance the interiors of your home but it will also appear as a praise worthy embellishment in your house. The natural colours used would mingle perfectly with the decor of the home. When everything in your room compliments each other, the spectators will only appreciate what they get to see. This one is the second design of peacock print in our monsoon collection.

3. An Ajrak Cotton Double Bedsheet with a Peacock Motif

At Jaipur Fabrics we are no way forgetting what our ancestors have left for us. While artists find their inspiration in the present life, we dwell into the history. This practice of ours has enabled us to explore many wondrous home decor ideas and fabric prints. Rajasthan holds years of artistry which is getting extinct. Nevertheless, with much effort we try to bring those ideas back to life through our work. 


Third in the queue is an ajrak cotton double bedsheet with a peacock motif. It is another rajasthani gem which represents the traditional rajasthani peacock art. The bird - peacock is an integral part of this state. At every nook and corner of this region, you will discover something which has a peacock emboldened on it. 

 Getting inspired by the same, we introduce these cotton bedsheets with a peacock motif. Our customers can select and filter their requirements from the treasure of monsoon collection. Beginning from the price to the color, one can choose whatever suits you the best and fulfills the purpose of the sheet. Hang on! Hope you have not forgotten that the stock is limited and you cannot afford to miss out on something so pleasant. 

4. Dancing Peacock Pattern on a Twill Cotton Bedsheet

Elegantly designed dancing peacock pattern on a twill cotton bedsheet is a must have, today. Its vibrant color would add the right amount of spark which is required to lift the mood of your bedroom. It is true that even the bedsheets are capable of evoking taste in the room. 


The most important furniture in the bedroom is a bed. Therefore, its fervor should be enticing. A set of bed sheet and pillow covers which whisks with the other things in your room is significant. This peacock motif bed sheet is available in different colors. Hence, as per the colors in your house select the apt sheet for your bed from our collection. 

As the time evolves, we keep on including new prints which are out of the box. Thereby, your chance to purchase the peacock print bedsheets from our monsoon collection is a limited period offer. The wisest of the minds would have already made their decisions to grab the opportunity before it slips out of hand. So, are you wise enough?


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