Mandala print on Lowers is the one to buy

Posted on: March 27th, 2017 02:58 PM

As people like to wear different prints, patterns and fabrics, Mandala is one of the artistic forms of printing on variety of stuffs. “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word which means “Circle”. The circle is a universal symbol and represents the concepts of entirety, completeness, original excellence, the self, the immeasurable, perpetuity as well as agelessness.

A Mandala can be said to be a multifaceted intellectual design, which usually have one distinguishable center point that forms to be the origination of a collection of symbols, shapes and other forms. This complex geometrical design is also available in a square or in circular shape, representative of the universe having spiritual and religious implication.

Mandala art form has a great significance in various cultures and their respective religious traditions to express their principles. These days, people like to wear fabrics printed in Mandala style of art readily available in the markets and one of them being the “lowers”. Especially, youth, today love to wear dresses printed in Mandala form.

Popularity of mandala print is because of its pattern style. Different designs are obtainable making the “lowers” perfect piece to wear. Some of the prominent designs calls for different panaches of flowers in circular form, Chakra flower depicting life circle ,  â€œOm” in circular shape, ibex skull outlined with mandala print, elephant and feather prints delineating mandala Rajasthani print at the center. Along with this, plain circle in different colors, Anahata chakra mandala, digital symmetry floral grid design and square designs made out of natural dyes are few others to check out in “lowers”. It is a dress form, worn from waist to ankle. They can be teamed with kurta or even traditional Rajasthani tops.

Multiple patterns are mixed to form solitary designs. While laying patterns of Mandala prints, artists have to keep the area of lowers in mind so that the complete form of designs comes out stunningly.  These lowers are readily available in cotton, rayon and silk fabric.

Not even different fabrics, lowers tend to exist in the markets such as Alibaba harem pants, yoga harem pants, gypsy hippie loose pajamas, cotton Afghani pajama and cotton trousers in mandala prints. They are exquisitely in demand within Indian as well as other continents too.

These art pieces are immeasurable to anything. Mandala piece has unique combo features of different structures in one pattern giving it an exclusive look as comparison to other prints. Such types of prints are also done with the help of block printing using natural dyes. Moreover, these prints come out beautifully with both hand work and machine printing. Use of bright and multiple colors make the piece gorgeous. If worn in style and elegance, these mandala print lowers can also be worn in parties with descent tops. Party wear lowers are generally manufactured in Silk fabric with block printing of mandala style. Their completion takes long time as expert printers and craftsmen work on the fabric very carefully following pattern one by one.    


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