Lit your living space with decorative cushion covers

Posted on: February 21st, 2020 05:06 PM

Our homes reflect the lives we live and the personality we carry. How beautiful a house looks and feels can be attributed to the personality of the house owner and can be used as a gauge to understand the people living in the house.
Your house is your canvas, and your ideas and creativity are your paintbrushes. Be innovative and creative to create a piece of art inside the comfort of your home. Interior decoration can help you give the house a character of its own and make yourself and your guests comfortable.
There are a lot of ways you can decorate your house. Each room has its character and its design element. You can play around with different design ideas and concepts to give each corner, each room a distinct feel. There are a lot of design elements you can play around with, from walls to furniture to decor items to curtains and cushions.

Light up your home
Your house feels like a home when you put in the effort to make it such. Using light coloured layouts, designs, wallpaper, wall color, and furniture can make your home feel brighter, colorful, and cheerful.
The biggest trick to decorating your home is to accentuate everything. Find a theme and build upon it, the carpets, rugs, paintings, clock, tabletops, furniture all need to complement each other and blend into one another to create a homogenous environment where nothing feels out of place, and everything has a role to play.
One such way to accentuate your living room and give it a character of its own is to use decorative cushion cover. Cushions are almost everywhere in the house, even more so in your living room, along with your sofa and other furniture. Using decorative cushion covers allows you to build a story, a theme, and create a unique ambiance in your living room.
You and your family spend the majority of their time in the living room. As such, it is supposed to reflect the residents of the house and, at the same feel comfortable to the people residing in the house and anyone else who visits.

Using Decorative Cushions
The first and foremost thing to decide when choosing a decorative cushion cover is the look you want to create. Whether you are going for a classic look or a retro feel or a more modern feel, all need to be considered before you start shopping for your cushion covers.
After you have decided upon the look you are going for, you can then focus upon the design element of your cushion covers. Modern design is cleaner and more straightforward than the traditional and retro ones, and you may need different sizes depending upon the types and sizes of cushions you have. Traditional decor ideas require more cushions with more variety in their size, while the modern decor is much simpler and much more straightforward.

Liven up your Living Room
Here are a few ways you can liven up everything from your bedroom pillow cover to your living room decorative cushion cover:

  • Don’t overcrowd your sofa with cushions, leave enough space for people to sit down. Too many cushions may look comfy, but is not very comfortable when people actually intend to use the sofa for sitting.
  • Keep in mind to keep the number of cushions in the entire house to a moderated number. Have too many, and the house will feel cluttered.
  • Use rugs or carpets to match the designs of your cushion covers. Accentuating your living room can bring the room to life.
  • Make sure that the color of your cushion covers goes with the color scheme of the rest of your house and rooms. Colour coordinated cushion covers will mix well with the rest of the house and also complement your curtains, table covers, etc.
  • Place cushions in such a way that they maintain their position unless disturbed. Using fancy positions which do not hold will only make your living room look mismanaged.
  • Try to use cushions of different shapes and sizes to create a more mixed look with many more possible patterns. You can use colors, print, and designs to help you create a complimentary effect on all your cushions.
  • You can also use cushions for your rug. Placing cushions on the rug allow for a more comfortable sitting area and creates much more space in case there are more people. Match your cushions with your rug to create a cozier feel.
  • Use geometric designs to accentuate your room. With geometric patterns on the walls, cushion covers can help further highlight the geometric design of the room.
  • You can also use cushion covers of different styles and types and create a sort of collage or chaos to give your living room a fresh feel. Match your cushions to the various furniture available in the room and create a visual opera.
  • Designer decorative cushion covers allow you to use a trendier and contemporary design element for your living room. Add an artistic touch to your living room with your very own designer cushion cover.
  • Cushion covers with solid bright colors can bring life to wooden furniture and liven up your living room and even your garden furniture.

Follow these as thumb rules and see your home lit up with colors and exquisite style that will keep your neighbours impressed and your guests wide-eyed!

  • Use cushion covers with traditional handiwork like embroidery, sequins, appliqué, etc. to create an antique look. These are a trend nowadays and will never go out of fashion.

  • You can use softer smaller cushions to soften up harder furniture made of wood, your bed, and your divan. These cushions will add extra comfort for when you are looking to make yourself comfortable.

All these design elements and ideas can really liven up your living room and give it a character and personality of its own. Make your living room a representation of you and your house a reflection of your ideas and creativity.


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