Let The National Bird Of India Adorn Your Home On Republic Day

Posted on: January 25th, 2021 01:08 PM

There are lots of animals and birds that hold some symbolic positivity in our Indian culture. The peacock is one of them. The peacock, as we all know is the national bird of India. It is considered a sacred bird and is widely found in Indian mythology, scriptures, sculptures, and art. The peacock signifies grace, pride, and beauty and is said to bring luck and happiness to those who see them. Naturally, peacock printed things are kept in the house, for all these significances and also for their beauty. The gorgeous colors of peacock feathers add depth and boldness to the material. Bedsheets with peacock prints are very common in houses. There are a few types of such prints and we can help you understand them to choose the one you like.

Dancing Peacock Print- The bedsheets of such kind feature a single peacock dancing by opening full feathers, generally in the middle portion of the sheet and the leftover part of the sheet has patterns and designs of one or more colors.By spreading dancing peacock printed bed sheet, you will feel like you are swaddled in nature.This elegant dancing Peacock brings tranquility to your home. This printed bed sheet gives analluring sight throughout the day.

Single Peacock Print- These bedsheets feature a single peacock, generally in the middle and the rest of the sheet has patterns and designs of one or more colors. This type of bedsheet is good for single beds. The single peacock looks proportionately sized in a smaller bed which looks beautiful. The base color can be anything you like on which this design is printed.

Double Peacock Print-These bedsheets feature two full peacocks, generally facing each other with touching beaks in the middle. The rest of the bedsheet again has designs and patterns of beautiful colors that complement the main design of the peacock. These double peacock printed bedsheets are more commonly used for king, queen, and double-sized beds. The two peacocks attract attention on a bigger bed. The grandeur of the beautiful design can be fully appreciated on a bigger canvas. There are a number of base colors on which this design is available.

Peacock Feather Print- These bedsheets feature just the peacock feathers. The beautiful feathers are printed closely packed, throughout the sheet. These bedsheets are suitable for all beds, no matter the size. The colors are deep and rich and they look pretty grand. It is a more minimalistic and unique way of incorporating peacock print in your home decor if you want something different than a full peacock which is beautiful but pretty common.

Peacock-Centric Landscape Print- These bedsheets have beautiful sceneries in the background with one of more peacocks in the front. It looks like beautiful natural scenery with big trees, waterfalls, rivers, flowers, bridges, etc. These are beautiful, very unique, and give a certain dimension and depth to your bedsheet. These can be used on all beds irrespective of the size but are preferable on bigger beds as more elements can fit in a larger area.

These were some of the peacock printed bed sheets that are available. Generally, bedsheets come with pillowcases but if they don't, buy pillowcases that match the color of the sheet or have a similar design. So,buy peacock printed bed sheets online on this republic day of India and feel the nation’s pride.


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