Lend a Colorful Décor to Your Rooms This Holi With Multicolor Curtains

Posted on: February 17th, 2020 11:59 AM

When someone pronounces “Holi” word in India, one would remember the festival only rather than the English verb ‘Holy’. Holi is how Indians celebrate the arrival of spring, but more importantly the festival of colors. Life is filled with colors. And, everyone who celebrates Holi, melt the past and renew their friendship with their friends and bury any ill feelings. Thus it is a triple bonanza tat Holi brings to us. And that is why our home should be as colorful as our lives. The interior décor should reflect your colorful feelings inside you. When we say interior décor, the multi-colored curtains come into play.
When you enter your hall or our bedroom, by opening a wooden door, it does not give you more than a dry feeling, like the wood it was made out of. Imagine if you were to hand a multi-colored curtain over it, just like how the Holi festival epitomizes! Have you seen those young kids and aged people throw the Holi colors onto the sky and at each other? The powder is known as “gulal” and the colors are exotic.

There are many choices when it comes to door curtain designs, which are multicolor. Let's examine the choices we have.

Orange and red:
The flowers of the Tesu tree, are a typical sources of bright red and deep orange colors. The color runs so deep. it resembles a burning flame. This is the ideal color for those curtains to hang in your living room. It would emit the color into the living hall when the sun rays try to penetrate through it, and the hall would glow.

Bright Green:
When the dried leaves of the Gulmohar tree along with the mehndi are mixed up, the green color is bound to surface. If this is the formula for the Gulal during Holi, it would fit into our scheme of things if such a colored curtain goes up on our bedroom window. The Green would prevent the bright sunshine from entering into the bedroom and just provide the exact illumination, which would enhance the privacy we seek in our bedrooms.

Flaming Blue:
This color is very popular when Holi is played. Many choose to wear white-colored clothes on that day, and the blue powder sprayed on those white, sets off a magnificent match. This same match can be tried at our home where the wall paint is white and the blue would match it perfectly. One needs to be extremely cautious while choosing the ‘Holi ‘color, as there has to be a 100 percent match to it. The blue Gulal is a mix of the Indigo plant and berries with mashed up grapes.

Rainbow Color:
Popularly known as Indigo, the seven colors of the rainbow, can be found separately in the Holi colors. But we can take a cue from this and choose an indigo-colored curtain with all the seven colors in it. Such a multi-colored curtain should adorn the doors to the balcony, irrespective of the fact whether they are in glass or wood. The only condition is that the balcony has to be slightly large so that the curtain can run the whole length of it. The indigo colors will sprinkle a lot of life into the living room as it is almost a part of it.

Multi flower Curtain:
As mentioned earlier, Holi is the festival whin announces springs and Spring also denotes the arrival of some exceptional flowers. Predominant among them, are Roses, Sunflowers, Musk Rose, lilies and a few others. To pay our tribute to Holi and also welcome the ‘Holi Flowers: we can opt for a Widow curtain with all these flowers embroidered in these. Such curtains can adorn every window, but the bedroom with matching bed sheets would do the trick.

Magenta and purple:
This is also known as a beetroot color.  The Gulal is a mix of these two shades and this rare color can be blended into the curtains, and hung perhaps at the entrance to your home, setting off expectations, on what is inside the house.

The French curtains:
French curtains are long flowing, beautiful transparent material, distinguishing themselves in a bright-colored room. Generally, they are available in white, but what about a Lime yellow, which is also a part of the powder collection.

Radhe-Krishna curtains:
Holi was born due to the romance between Lord Krishna with Radha. To celebrate their wedding, they played with the colored powders. The ideal way to celebrate the celestials is to purchase a printed door curtain and let it hang outside the Pooja room, as a symbol of celebrating Holi with the very God who started it.

Pink & Crimson:
This kind of odd combination would be striking and would send a unique message to one’s s eyes. Since this combination would be difficult to find in the market it is advisable to go for a printed window curtain, which would be close to these colors.

Holi celebrations are not confined to one religion called Hinduism, but it is a conglomeration of people from almost all ethnicity. What attracts them, which other festivals do not? Colour, is the only plausible answer, and to keep those Gods and colors which everybody loves, throughout our lifetime in our abode, is the way to celebrate and appreciate the festival and what better way than curtains in multiple forms.


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