What makes Jaipuri handbags stand out from the rest?

Posted on: November 24th, 2015 06:01 PM

Every girl will agree that Rajasthan is famous for shopping. You can find incredible shoes, show pieces, umbrellas, lehengas, jewellery, and many more items. All these products of Rajasthan are unique, and you can’t find them elsewhere. One of the famous items of Rajasthan is Jaipuri handbags. They are made by the local peoples of there. The design and the fabric of this bag are unique. They come in various sizes and shapes. People visiting the place can’t miss buying one. Now they are also available in many online stores.

What are the types of Jaipuri handbags?

As already stated there are many types of it, for a different purpose. Here are some types of it.

·         Sling bags: every girl must have a sling bag in their cupboard. They are super useful. The size of the bag is moderate to put in many things and it comes with a long handle. You can carry it every day to work. Even carrying it for daily shopping is also a good idea. If you are travelling small distance or planning a night out, these bags can fulfil the purpose.


·         Jaipuri Hand Bag: a handbag is essential for special occasions. Jaipuri handbags come in different colours and designs so that it can be taken out in a party. The bright colours go best with Indian outfits.


·         Jaipuri clutches: everyone requires a clutch to carry out small things like mobiles, keys, and money. Some clutches also have long strings which can be used to hang it or shoulders, or can be folded inside it. There are beautiful embroidery designs all over the bags. It looks very bright and funky. It has small mirrors and designs with bright coloured threads. Some also have beautiful laces all around it.


·         Potli bag: you may not be familiar with this name. This bag is famous in Rajasthan. The bag has heavy all-over designs with stones and looks similar to a pouch. There is a string on the mouth of the bad to close and open it. It comes it various sizes.

What makes the Jaipuri handbags so popular?

Here are some reasons why you must have at least one Jaipuri bag in your collection.

·         A dress is incomplete without a proper bag. And you might have a cupboard full of different kinds of bags of expensive brands. A Jaipuri bag goes best with Indian dresses. They are very gorgeous, and they present an ethnic look.


·         The bags come in different shapes and design. You have wide variety to select for different purposes. They can be used on daily basis and oven on special occasions.


·         The bags are made up of cloth, so there is no need for maintenance, unlike the leather bags. Some of them are washable also. You can use it for ages since it is very long lasting. 

Jaipuri handbags
are made by local people of Rajasthan or boutiques. So the price of the bags is very much lower than various brands. So you can use them daily. 


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