Jaipur Fabric: the best quality material available for home furnishing

Posted on: November 28th, 2015 11:44 AM

India is rich in different traditions and cultures. Each and every state of India has its own unique taste. The climate, food and the dress vary from state to state. Every part of the country have its own fabric varieties, which has prevailed for ages. Rajasthan is famous for its royal treatments in every aspect of life and is a major tourist spot. Rajasthan has its own fabric which was used by kings, queens and crème-de-la-crème of advanced societies around the world. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. The fabric of Rajasthan is named over that.

What is unique about Jaipurfabric?

·         Firstly, this fabric is made solely by the artists in jaipur and nearby cities in Rajasthan. It holds traditional value. You cannot find a similar item elsewhere.

·         This fabric is used in Rajasthan for ages. The Jaipuri print is a symbol of their custom.

·         Bags, surfs, sarees, dress material, bed sheets, quilts, cushion covers and many more items are made out of this fabric.

·         There is a lot of diversity in Jaipuri fabric. There are different types of prints, hand blocks to digital screens. The material varies from cotton to silk offering a huge spectrum of design patterns.

·         These Jaipur fabric products are massively exported to another country also and are in constant demand.

The Jaipuri fabric bedsheet

The best quality cotton sheets are used for making these bedsheets. The print differs from simple monochrome colour to the gorgeous block print. Most commonly all the bedsheets are of cotton. But the expensive ones are made out of silk. The printing part is done by local craftsman manually. You can be assured of the colours which they use; it never fades away even after 10 years of usage. The cotton is of the finest quality GSM. It means gram per square meter; you can feel this by weighing the sheet. All the bedsheets are of minimum 110 GSM and 150 TC. This Thread count also determines the quality of the item. The bedsheets are of order free.


It is true that Jaipur fabric is bit expensive than other types of materials available online. But none of such item guarantees you about the material. The Jaipur fabrics are genuine, and each and every item is made manually and very carefully tested for quality.


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