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Posted on: July 30th, 2016 10:07 AM

Have you ever felt that your room fails to inspire you, with bland wall colors and single-colored furniture? Jaipur Fabric makes it its mission to bring the colors of India into your home in a very with bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths, and many other textile-based products. There is no better or simpler way to inspire yourself every day than to bring art into your home, and Jaipur Fabrics’ products truly fall under the category of such art.

Just browsing through Jaipur Fabrics’ home page weaves a tale of a company that has reached triumph in being able to bring the vibrancy and color of a whole nation and its rich history to even the most quotidian of objects. Whether waking up from a good night’s rest or preparing for sleep, you will find that Jaipur Fabrics’ products are like an adventure wrapped around you. Choose a lavishly designed double bed sheet to transform a bed into a cornucopia of hues which can inspire sensory awe.

You might be interested to know what types of fabrics are used by Jaipur. Bandhej fabric is what one typically thinks of when they imagine Indian women’s clothing, with its smooth, flowing, and elegant nature. Sanganeri fabric is more exclusive, originating from the Sanganeri area of the pink city. Bagru fabrics derive from Bagru Village in Jaipur city. These designs are made with the aid of wooden and metallic inked patterns in a highly distinctive manner. Yet no matter what the origin of the design you favor, the Indian treasures sold by Jaipur Fabrics are guaranteed to have the characteristics of brilliant colors as well as captivating designs.

No matter what color or style you favor, you will find unmatched designs for your taste.If you favor the complex and vibrant, the Orange Border Elephant pattern double bed sheet might be just the thing for you. Even through pictures, we can marvel at the panorama of colors and figures contained in the intricate presentation of this bed sheet. If you favor simpler designs, peruse through the many colors of “Flower and Leaf” print sheets or “Tiny Bandhej” prints. Without a doubt, the eyes of any visitors to your room will be immediately attracted to these beautiful representations of India’s colorful fabric culture.

These offerings are not only aesthetic, but also functional in that they provide the highest standard of comfort and quality. It is known that India produces some of the best textiles in the world, and the products of Jaipur Fabric are no exception.  Not does this company pride itself in hiring the finest artists to craft these opulent designs, but great care is taken in making sure that the textiles match up to rigorous quality standards. Do not doubt that Jaipur’s products match the stunningly attractive quality and artistic beauty that is found in the pictures on our home page. From website presentation to delivery of the final product, Jaipur prides itself in outstanding expertise and commitment to quality.


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