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Ingenious Tips ToUse Fabrics For Home Decor

Posted on: August 24th, 2020 05:16 PM

Who doesn't like to have a well-decorated home? Getting the perfect decor for one's home is difficult as there are multiple styles and methods in which one can decorate one’s home, putting you in a tight spot.

 If you have been at the lookout for home decor ideas that will immediately catch the eye and stand tall among all other home decor ideas, you have reached the right destination. Did you know that you can use fabric to decorate your interiors while being elegant and sophisticated? Yes, it’s very much possible! The availability of fabrics in thousands of vibrant hues, prints, designs, and material provides you with an opportunity to play with the vast array of choices to add distinctiveness and individuality to your home's interiors.

You can opt to stitch multiple pieces together or sew a customized style with these fabrics; you will get fantastic eye-catching styles using these fabrics to decorate your home, and you will surely create art.

Here are the top five ingenious use of fabrics for home decor.

1. A Canopy Bed- Yes, that right, a canopy bed! Isn’t it romantic and dreamy to just think about sleeping on a canopy bed? To have one for yourself is like having a dream come true and you can make your dream come true by getting one for yourself, using your preferred fabric. The contemporary canopy beds are much airier than the heavy drapes from its predecessors. Canopy beds are glamorous and elegant; thus, adding a feel of royalness to one’s bedroom. You can choose from the various varieties of bed sheets available like sheer, net, block print cotton bed sheets, cotton satin bed sheets, etc. and the best part of all this is that it can be of any color you want it to be. You can also keep a variety of these so that you can keep changing them from time to time so that you never get bored with the same color or pattern.

2. Roman Shades- Roman shades are stylish and elegant, making your room look beautiful and attractive. Though Roman Shades have a lot of history and dates back from the time of the Roman days, it’s still very much in trend and may not go out of fashion any time soon, making it timeless. These come in a variety of styles as there is not just one way to fold or drape it but multiple ways, and as they are made out of fabrics, it gives you the freedom of crafting any design or style you can imagine. There is no stopping you; thus, you can customize it as and how you desire.

3. Framed Patterned Fabrics- It's the simplest yet most beautiful way to style your home. All you need is some excellent patterned fabric and a frame with a mat. You can also create your own designs by using fabric colors or get them customized by an artist according to your preference and frame them and put it up on the walls of your house. This can be your canvas to express yourself, and you can do anything you can imagine of. They can be abstract, floral, cut-outs, portrait, Batik or Bandhni, sequence, etc. in the pattern, design, and style. You may use fabrics of vibrant colors from the vast array of shades available. You can make multiple small frames or a few large ones, the choice is yours entirely and place it anywhere you feel appropriate, around the house. You can also get your family members to join in and get their hand marks printed in colorful patterns and styles to add uniqueness while enjoying the time with your family, doing something fun and creative. This personal touch will not only provide you with life long memories but will also get your home decorated.

4. Bedsheets and pillow covers- Your bedroom is your sanctuary, this is your most intimate area in the whole house, and thus, it's essential to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Fabrics with beautiful designs and unique patterns can add a particular element of quirkiness to your bed, providing you with immense pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. Also, the material makes a lot of difference in your sleep, and hence, choosing the right piece of fabric for your bed is essential. It should be breathable and soft so that you can sleep like a baby and wake up bright and fresh. Vibrant colors and designs with contrast pillow covers can make your bed feel welcoming and comforting. You can mix and match styles and patterns or get them customized. You can also opt for DYI projects to add personality to your bedroom and add bed skirts to your bed, which will make your bed stand out distinctively with individuality.

5. Soothe your vision- There may be places in your house that may be sore to your eyes and also causing you uneasiness, places such as under the sink, or table. Also, if you have a cat, then you surely have a cat litter box, and if you do not want to see if every time you walk in where it’s kept, then you have this beautiful life-changing idea that will help you a lot. You can use cheap yet beautiful fabrics to stitch a fabric skirt around it. All you need is some fabric and elastic which can be sewn together and Walla! You no longer have to worry about unpleasant views while it also makes your house aesthetically appealing, transforming it beautifully.

Though these are some good ingenious ways to use fabrics for your home decor, this is not the only way to do it. You can come up with designs, styles, patterns, and ideas of your own. There are various DYI methods from which you can choose and create anything you wish to. There are thousands of possibilities that you can unlock as and when you wish to by using these simple yet elegant styles, patterns, and designs to turn your home interiors into dreamland. Get rid of a boring home-decor forever.


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