How To Put Fitted BedSheets On King Size Beds

Posted on: May 7th, 2020 05:39 PM

What is the best way to put fitted Bedsheet on a King Size Bed

A bed is a place to retreat after a full day of work. It helps us unwind our mind and makes us feel comfortable. No other place in our home may be dearer to us than a bed. This is because we know it is the only place that helps us relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, to ensure a good deep sleep, bed linens play an essential role. They accord you a truly luxurious sleeping experience. By adding an extra layer they help you relish sumptuous softness and coziness. Thus, bed linens are the perfect way to enliven up your bedding and make it look all refreshed up. 

Well, now the question is – What bed Lenin nen to buy and what all options one has? To know more let’s explore the most common bedding ensembles, the fitted bed sheets, and the flatbed sheets. 

What are fitted bed sheets and How are they Better than Flat Bed Sheets?

Basically, there are two types of bed sheets – Flat and Fitted. But when it comes to choosing between the two, it becomes a little overwhelming. But before you try to decide which one to purchase let’s first understand the difference between the two. 

Fitted: Fitted bed sheets are designed to fit snugly over your mattress. They are sewed with an elastic band from all corners to ensure they remain securely placed without popping off. The elastic in these bed sheets allows firm gripping; it fits around the corners of the mattress so that when you sleep the sheets stay in its place. 

Flat: Flatbed sheets are the large pieces of fabric that are used to spread over your mattress. Unlike fitted sheets, flat sheets do not have elastic edges to fit down over the mattress corners. They just have stitched edges to prevent sheets from unraveling. However, due to flat edges, these bed sheets tend to loosen and become tangled up while sleeping. This creates discomfort and disturbs sleep. 


Hence, due to this fitted bed sheets are considered as better alternatives. Apart from this, they have numerous other benefits also, which include:

●      Easy removal for washing and cleaning: Fitted sheets can be easily removed by just plucking it from one of the corners. Moreover, they can be washed right at home. 

●      They can fit perfectly to give you a smooth sleeping surface: Fitted sheets provide a smooth sleeping surface they fit tightly over the corners of the mattress which prevents it from dislodging. And their secured and flat surface helps it remain intact without being wrinkled. 

●      Protects your regular mattress from wear and tear: A fitted sheet offers good protection to your expensive mattress. It prevents staining, wear, and tear, and ripping. 

●      Comes with a dedicated label indicating mattress size: Fitted sheets come with handy labeling that tells you the mattress size they suit, so you need not worry about fitting a King Size Bed Sheets.

●      Easily absorbs perspiration and skin oils: Fitted sheets help in keeping your mattress clean by absorbing the perspiration and skin oils that release from our bodies during the night.

How to Put Fitted Bed Sheets on King Size Beds – The Right Way

The king-sized beds are larger therefore they require extra efforts for putting fitted sheets over them. Fortunately, to help you accomplish the task in a matter of minutes here is the step by step guide for tackling bed making for King Size Fitted Bed Sheets. 

Step 1

Firstly, spread the sheet over the mattress. The seams of the fitted sheets should face downside. Due to elastic, it will not appear flat.

Step 2

Find the label/tag on your King Size Fitted Bed Sheet. Usually, this is present on the corner of the seam. The end fixed with the label should go towards the foot of the mattress.

Step 3

Hold the left bottom corner of the elastic edge of the fitted sheet and fix it over the left corner lying at the foot of the bed. Secure elastic edges under the mattress corner for gripping.

Step 4

Now, switch to the right bottom corner and repeat the same as mentioned in the previous step.

Step 5

From the head of the bed, pull the sheet upwards while straightening the fabric. Hold the elastic edge of the fitted sheet from the right top corner and drape it over the right corner head of the mattress. Tightly secure the elastic edge of the bedsheet under the mattress.

Step 6

Next, hold the left head corner of the sheet and do the same as mentioned in step 5. 


I hope this article helped you understand the role and process of using fitted sheets. In many aspects, fitted sheets are touted better than the flat ones. Additionally, when using them you need not struggle with the fuss of making bed again and again. 


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