How To Make Your Home Beautiful Amidst COVID-19?

Posted on: September 4th, 2020 08:19 PM

We have always enjoyed our time at home and always felt the need to spend more time here; however; we were unable to do so due to our hectic schedules. We have always felt the need to relax and rejuvenate by just being at home but now that we have been forced to stay indoors due to the pandemic, COVID-19, the urge to go out is increasing and causing internal turmoil and mental health issues.

One’s home is one’s safe haven or a sanctuary. This is one place where we feel safe and secure. No matter what's happening in the outside world, our homes cocoon us with a sense of safety and security, and it is only now when we have realized its true meaning and value. Although, as we are forced to stay indoors for a very long time than anticipated, for our safety, we need to make sure that we do not feel suffocated, depressed, or de-motivated in any way. We need to focus on keeping our homes safe and beautiful during these trying times, which will help ourselves to stay motivated, happy, and engaged.

Thus, it is of utmost importance that our surroundings are not only safe and secure but also beautifully decorated so that it helps us to stay calm and peaceful, allowing us to enjoy our time at home, our safe zone.

Here are the top five ideas on how we can achieve the goal of beautifying and fortifying our safe haven.

1.Decluttering the clutter- Spaces that are filled with items or other things that are not well organized can become breading zones for the growth of unwanted molds, dust, bacteria, and insects and thus, it's vital that we discard unwanted items, relocate unused items that will be used later and put back scattered things in its proper place. We can try and do it all in one day, but with all the time we have now due to the pandemic situation one can choose to do it one day at a time as well.


Select one particular area in the house and work on it until one has achieved one’s goal and then move to the next location. Once we have taken the first step, we will fall into a rhythm, and the pleasure one will gain from this entire process will only be visible once we have achieved our goal of decluttering. This will also help us maintain a hygienic place as it will become easier to clean the area regularly, keeping us safe and secure.

2.Surround oneself with nature- Nature has a unique way of its own, and it not just purifies and detoxes our environment, but it also adds natural beauty to any given place with its existence. Not only various blooming flower pots or indoor plants can be used, but also branches with leaves or just leaves can add charm and beauty.

One can opt to use various vases as well as empty bottles and jars of sauces, jams, and jellies along with empty wine and whiskey bottles as an alternative to vases and fill it with beautiful blooming flowers.  Place it all around the house to enchant and allure and create a world of tranquillity.

3. Decorate your home with fantastic food and its aroma- Food is not just a basic necessity for your body, but it also plays a significant role in helping stay mentally and emotionally fit. Food can create a visual treat and mental stimuli, triggering a sense of love and safety. Thus, we can not only use various colorful fruits and vegetables in our daily diet but also try and keep it in plain sight so that it can stir the urge to eat as well. Use it decoratively on the dining table with a printed table cover or a side table. This will save people from unhealthy eating while presenting a colorful and tempting view.

4. Make a comfortable nook for yourself- In all the negativity, we always have to find the bright side, and right now the bright side is being able to actually, get that rest that our body needed the most and also get the time to re-discover new things or learn something that we have always wanted to. This is the perfect time for us to retrospect and reinvent and learn to thrive following a new path of life and to do so, we have to make ourselves comfortable in our surroundings. The beauty lies in being comfortable. Thus, create a nook for oneself within the four walls where we can be ourselves, a place to be creative or just sit back and relax. It can be a whole room or a corner on any room, or even a couch where we can be we.

5. Create an art gallery or anything you have always desired- With all the time available to us right now, this is the perfect time to achieve that dream of ours and convert our home into anything we want to. Spending time indoors can make us feel suffocated, and hence, it's essential to make things as lively as possible. Use anything and everything available within one’s home to achieve this. One can choose to use various pictures and snaps to create a wall of memories or use cut-outs from newspapers and magazines to create an art gallery or use the bedposts to build goalposts for a football arena.

While these are the top five ways to beautify one’s home you need to ensure that any product brought inside one’s house from the outside world needs to be appropriately sanitized with either sanitizers or soap water. Also maintaining a good hygiene routine will help one stay safe and secured. Make sure that if and when one needs to step out, one follows all the necessary guidelines to stay safe. When returning home, do change your clothes immediately and give it for washing. Also, wash your hands and face appropriately before touching anything inside your home.

These few necessary steps will help to maintain your home's beauty as well as safety during this COVID-19 situation. The world will surely emerge victorious at the end of this fight with the Coronavirus.



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