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How to choose the perfect Quilt

Posted on: June 24th, 2020 01:15 PM

How to Choose the Perfect Quilt

A sound sleep is one that everyone needs as it is vital for one’s well-being. Lack of sleep is not good for your health, it may affect your immune system. After a hectic day at work, perfect sleep is the medicine to relax your mind and body. It makes a big difference in the quality of your lifestyle. To get healthy sleep, a perfect choice of the quilt will help you. The high insulation properties of the quilt will bless you with a good sleeping experience.

There are some factors to consider while purchasing the perfect quilt for your home. The depth of the mattress matters before choosing your quilt. 

  • Check whether you are a cold or hot sleeper. 

  • Find out what type of allergies you and your partner have 

  • Check with your partner whether he/she is comfortable with the same temperature as you. 

  • Confirm whether you need a light weighted ground mattress or a heavy one. 

Many might struggle with the question, how to choose a quilt. Choose the quilts that are made of the finest quality and can give you comfortable sleep and it lasts long for years without any damage. Then look into the filling of the quilts which suits your needs. Check for the box stitched filings that keep the mattress in place and give you the warmth and comfort throughout. Opting a natural fill will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, choose wisely. 

Types of quilts

While choosing the quilt types, you must consider your needs. There is more than one aspect that is to be considered before going for quilts. The quilts should be lighter in weight, softer and must have lesser quills. There are various types of quilts such as

Wool quilts

  • Pros of the wool quilts

Wool quilts help to regulate body temperature and are found breathable. Wool is a natural fiber that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Wool quilts are comfortable for all types of sleepers, it gives comfort. Usually, wool quilts give warmth year-round. It is also suitable for asthma patients and skin allergy sufferers. Wool quilts relieve pains and aches. 

  • Cons of the wool quilts

Wool quilts are slightly heavier and flat in texture. It is soft but is not fluffy. It takes time to dry after washing the quilts.

Feather and down quilts

  • Pros of the feather and down quilts

Feather and down quilts are made of natural fiber and it is suitable for cold sleepers. It is usually harvested from the duck and geese. The higher fill of natural fibers keeps you warmer all the time. Feather and down quilts retain heat and insulate with a lofty fill providing warmth and light. The high-quality quilts are fluffy and softer than other natural fibers. 

  • Cons of the feather and down quilts

Feather and down quilts are not breathable and can cause restlessness and overheat. It easily becomes the place for breeding bacteria and hence not suitable for allergy and asthma patients.

Microfibre quilts

  • Pros of the microfibre quilts

Microfibre quilts are made of modern synthetic fiber. The fibers are ultra-thin and are super soft, long-lasting, lightweight and easy to care for. The fiber filling gives softness and it promotes good loft. It is recommended for allergy sufferers and children since it is dust mites resistant and it is machine washable. It is hypoallergenic to cold spots. It is designed to meet the characteristics of the feather and down quilts. It is much cheaper than the other natural fiber quilts.

  • Cons of the microfibre quilts

Microfibre quilts don't long last as natural fibers. It does not have the advantages of natural fibers.

Cotton quilts

  • Pros of the cotton quilts

Cotton quilts are made of natural fibers and it is breathable. The natural properties of cotton make it suitable for all year around. Cotton does not retain heat and it aids with undisturbed sleep. The high-quality cotton quilts are suitable for hot sleepers. It is highly resistant to allergic and asthma patients. It maintains body temperature and it retains warmth.

  • Cons of the cotton quilts

Cotton quilts are heavier than normal synthetic quilts. It is machine washable but it takes time to dry in the winter. It is not as cheap as synthetic fibers.

Bamboo quilts

  • Pros of the bamboo quilts

Bamboo quilts have bamboo casing and blend filling. The high-quality natural filling provides moderate warmth. It is also breathable and provides a perfect combination of comfort. Usually, bamboo fibers have the properties of antibacterial function and are hypoallergenic. It naturally helps to regulate body temperature while sleeping. Bamboo quilts are naturally soft, are light-weight and are breathable, it is suitable for the one who needs warmth without bulk material over them.

  • Cons of the bamboo quilts

Bamboo quilts are not as cheap as synthetic fibers. It should be maintained with care and it is not maintenance-free.

Quilt size

While choosing the quilt, the size is a vital factor to be considered. Make sure that the quilt should be one size bigger than the size of your mattress. Choosing one size bigger makes your comfort level higher and also it gives an aesthetic appeal overall. The quilts need to be large enough to cover the bed completely, make sure it is not so big that overflow in the floor.

Quilts usually come in various sizes as follows

Type of mattress

Quilt size

Single bed

140 x 210 cm

King single bed

180 x 210 cm

Double bed

180 x 210 cm

Queen bed

210 x 210 cm

King bed

245 x 210 cm

Super-king bed

270 x 240 cm

Mega king bed

330 x 330 cm


Another important factor to be considered is the cost of the quilt. It is not possible to get both quilts that are suitable for both the summer and winter season. It is important to buy the quilts that suit all the seasons and give you warmth. Make sure you have the best quality quilts in your hands with the best price. Don’t compromise with low-quality quilts at a cheaper rate. You should be careful in getting the best quality quilts at best rates and not to sacrifice the best quality for quantity. To start your day freshly, you need a perfect deep sleep which can be get from choosing the perfect quilt of your choice. Choosing a quilt is equally important as choosing your clothes. Healthy sleep and a healthy body are all that a human needs for survival. Choose with care and the above-given tips. 


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