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How to choose Right Bed Size in India: Bed Size Guide

Posted on: May 27th, 2021 02:30 PM

After toiling the whole day, the bedroom is the place where you feel like dumping your exhausted body. In order to have a kickstart for the next day, you need to get rid of your tiredness, physically and mentally. Choosing the right bed size covered with comfortable bed sheets matters a lot while you talk about comfortable sleep. 

So, what should be a perfectly sized bed for your relaxation?

Here are the two essential factors that surely help you in choosing the right bed size in India. 

About Bedroom Size Guide

The bedroom is the place where you will relax. Of course, relaxing does not just mean that you will straightaway fall flat on your bed and start snoring. Different people find pleasure in different activities such as reading, listening to good music, and others too. Hence, in a bedroom, the bed can also share the spaces with a reading space, a spring or a comfy chair, or even a dressing area. Apart from these, wardrobes are quite mandatory as the bedroom is your private corner in the house where you get dressed too. 

So, a bedroom should be big enough to accommodate all these elements comfortably without compromising upon the space. You will find all such elements usually in a master bedroom that has a standard size of 14 feet X 16 feet. In an Indian house with such a bedroom size, a king-size bed can be an ideal selection. 

But not every house has a huge bedroom of such dimensions. Usually, the size of an average bedroom in Indian houses is about 12 feet X 12 feet on average. Now, it depends on the individual about the number of elements to fit in the room. It is ideal to have minimalistic items in case of adjusting a king-size bed in this room. But if other luxury items are also to be included, then the size of the bed has to be compromised upon. Ideally, a queen-size or double bed is also quite comfortable for a couple to sleep on.

Again, there can be even smaller bedrooms such as in the case of a kid’s bedroom. But as a standard, the minimum size of a bedroom in Indian houses is 10 feet X 10 feet. 

Bed Size Guides:

Thus, as mentioned above, the bed size guides will depend hugely upon the size of the bedroom that you have got. Here are the standard bed sizes that you will find in the Indian market. 

  • King Size Bed:

A king-size bed decked up with soothing king-size bed sheets is ideal for a luxurious and super spacious bedroom. The size of the bed can be 72 inches x 72 inches or even can be 72 inches x 78 inches, depending upon the vendor from where you are buying the bed. This bed is quite big enough for a couple along with a kid to sleep. 

  • Queen Size Bed:

Queen Size bed is also chosen by many couples to sleep in with a child, but this is a bit narrower in size than the king-size bed. In terms of dimensions, a queen size bed should be somewhere around 66 inches x 75 inches and double bed sheets can be also used on them. This can be a perfect size for those who wish to have elements such as a dressing table or a study table in the bedroom. 

  • Double Bed:

As the name denotes, a double bed is mainly for just a couple to sleep in. Talking about the size, a double bed has a width of 48 inches but its length can vary between 72 inches and 75 inches. But this depends upon the physical dimensions of the couple too. An average-sized couple can settle down cozily in a double bed. This bed is perfect for a smaller bedroom. 

  • Single Bed:

A single bed is mainly for growing children and this is most commonly found in a kid’s room. These can be available in different dimensions depending upon the age of the child. Usually, a single bed can have a width of 30 inches to 42 inches and a length of about 72 inches to 78 inches. 

Thus, there are so many bed size options available for Indian households. You can choose the right size of bed depending upon the bedroom size you have and also your requirements. 


How do I know what size bed mattress to buy?

You can get a perfect bed mattress depending on the bed size that you have such as king size, queen size, double bed, or a single bed. 

What is a normal bed size?

Normal bed size in an Indian bedroom should be somewhere around 66 inches to 72inches. 

How is mattress size measured in India?

In India, usually, the size of the mattress is measured in terms of dimensions such as 70 inches to 70 inches for a king-size bed on an average.

How do I know my bed size?

Measuring the length and the width of the bed’s surface will let you know its actual size. 


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