How to Choose Perfect Double Bed Sheets

Posted on: July 1st, 2020 12:05 PM

Tips to Purchase a Soft and comfortable Double bed sheet

Are you trying to buy a good quality bed sheet?

A good bed sheet can make a massive difference to one’s sleeping pattern, and quality. So, it becomes vital that you should select the one that has the right size, weave, weight, and texture. That's why; it is quite challenging finding what you are looking for.

The quality of fabric here plays a significant role in making a perfect choice. The thread count in the fabric is measured to find out the comfort of a bedsheet. Generally, a thread count should measure in between 100 and 800 threads in a square inch of fabric. But, in reality, it is difficult to reach the thread count above 400. Well, this can be achieved by wrapping the thread around each other using the best weaving process.

When it comes to buying soft double bed sheets, the quality of fabric plays a significant role.

Single vs. Double vs. Twin Bed Sheets – What are the Primary Differences?

We all love the beautifully printed bed sheets on our bed that not only make the bed look good, but also enhance the appearance of a room. Here, we are discussing single, double, and twin bed sheets. 

Single bed sheets:

Single bed sheets are designed to fit a single bed, which is generally meant for one person. 

Double bed sheets:

These sheets are intended for more than one individual. Full double bed sheets are available in different sizes offered by various brands. They are available in multiple sizes, styles, colors, and patterns. Well, these bed sheets can fit 54 inches wide and 75 inches long beds. You might not find the standard measurement of a double bed sheet, but these can fit beautifully even when you tuck it in both sides.

Twin bed sheets:

The twin bed sheets are prepared to spread over the twin bed of standard size 39 x 75 inches. They are manufactured using the supreme quality range of fabric that makes them a perfect addition to your bedding. They are available in 2 parts that can be attached side-by-side for making a king-size bed sheet.

Tips to Purchase a Soft and Comfortable Double Bed sheet

We all want to have a good night's sleep, and that can be possible with a supreme range of bed sheets. You just have to follow some tips while buying soft and comfortable double bed sheets.

Check the bed dimensions & the thickness of the mattress:

The mattresses are available in different sizes; therefore, you must look out for the bed sheets that are perfect in dimensions and cover the whole thickness of a mattress. 

Go for bed sheets with more thread count:

If you don't know, the thread count is referred to as the number of threads present per square inch in both directions. Bed sheets with higher thread counts tend to be more comfortable. It also indicates that the sheets do not get worn out easily. Also, fiber, finishing, spinning and size matters along with the thread count.

Don't compromise on the fabric, but keep your budget in check:

The fabric is another thing that needs to be checked always when you are looking for the quality bed sheet. Undoubtedly, cotton is known to be the most preferred fabric among the users. The reason behind this is very simple as cotton is washable and breathable. But, the non-wrinkling blend of cotton is in high demand nowadays. They not only give you a cozy feeling but also keep you comfortable the whole night. Though, if you prefer luxury beddings, then opt for silk, satin, and microfiber.

The experts suggest that always go for the bed sheet that is made of supreme quality of the fabric but should also be affordable at the same time.

Understand the washing instructions properly:

Mind that different fabrics have their own kind of washing instructions. So, you must focus on them while washing the bed sheets. There are some sheets available that are only suitable for hand wash while others should be washed in a machine. If you don't do so, it might lead to damaging the bed sheet, and in some cases, the colors also fade out.

If purchasing online, check the authenticity of the seller, website and the return policy:

Last but not the least, the authenticity of the seller is equally important. By visiting their website, you can check the return policy, terms & conditions, and other information to know the reliability.

The Bottom Line:

Those days are gone when bed sheets were available only in white or off-white color. Nowadays, whether it is a single bed sheet or soft double bed sheets, you can buy them in various geometric patterns, colors, designs, and sizes to suit your home decor. Just follow these simple instructions and buy the quality bed sheets at pocket-friendly prices.


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