How to Choose a Best Single Bed Sheets

Posted on: July 1st, 2020 11:53 AM

How to choose right bedsheet for Single Bed? 


A good night’s sleep begins with a comfortable bed sheet, allowing your body to relax. You won't be able to sleep properly if the bedsheet isn't of decent quality. A comfortable single bed sheet also helps you to refresh during the summers.

The bedsheet is a basic commodity which you purchase quite often. With the advent of the internet, it has now become very easy to purchase bedsheets from various online shopping sites. To make your sleep an ideal one, you need to select the most comfortable single bed sheet.

Most people who purchase a single bed sheet through online shopping make the purchase in a hurry. You should consider all factors before choosing any single bed sheet.  

What Type of Single Bed Sheets is the Best?

Nowadays multiple ranges of designs, colors, labels, and materials available in the market for a single bed sheet. So it can be a struggle to find out which one is right for your bed. Therefore, you should check all factors before choosing the best quality bed sheet. Here are the different types of bed sheet which can help you to relax while you sleep:-

Cotton bed sheets

Bed sheets made of cotton make the bed look stylish yet comfy. The cotton bed sheet is better than the other alternatives because of its smoothness and breathable nature. Cotton as a material is ideal for summer bed sheets as they are easy to wash.

Characteristics of cotton bed sheets

1.     They give your bed a very stylish look

2.     Lightweight and offers ideal sleep

3.     Enduring

4.     Cost-effective 

Flannel bed sheets

Flannel is a kind of cotton but the unique manufacturing process makes the cotton fluffy. Flannel bed sheets are the most suited one for the winter season. They also offer a luxurious look to your bed. 

Characteristics of flannel bed sheets

1.     Flannel is a material which  helps to keep you warm

2.     Because of the softness, they are comfortable in nature

Silk bed sheets

Silk bed sheets give a luxurious look to your bed. They are also soft in nature. Silk bed sheets give your bed a modern and contemporary look. 

Characteristics of silk bed sheets:

1.     They give a luxurious feeling

2.     Soft and comfortable

Why Choose a Branded Bed Sheet?

Branded bed sheets are the best in case you want to go for a good quality bed sheet that is durable in nature. There is a perception that branded bed sheets are expensive. But nowadays the market is full of different kinds of branded single bed sheets with a diverse price range.

The biggest differentiating factor between a branded and non-branded bed sheet is quality. Non branded sheets are prone to lose their sheen and quality faster. If you are looking for high quality and long-lasting single bed sheets in a stylish setting, branded sheets should be your only choice.

How to Determine the Quality of a Bedsheet?

During the summertime, it is very important to choose the best quality single bed sheet. A good night's sleep will result in increased productivity in your workplace.  For an ideal night’s sleep, you should consider below factors before choosing summer bed sheets:


1.     Fabric and material of the bed sheets

Material and fabric of the bed sheets are two of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a single bed sheet. The wrong choice of bed sheets can lead to various skin diseases. You need to check the fabric and material description very carefully before buying any summer bed sheet.

2.     Design and pattern of the sheets

Single bed sheets are available in different styles such as checks, covers, floral, etc. The right design of a single bed sheet enhances the elegance of your room. You should choose the pattern of the bed sheet based on your bed size and design.

3.     Color matters

Color is considered to be an important aspect of the look of your room. You should go for the color bedsheets which matches with your bedroom and other surrounding colors.

4.     Its overall shrinking ability

Many manufacturers of bed sheets provide details about how the bed sheets shrink in the first or next wash. You need to check the shrinkage percentage properly while choosing your single bed sheet so that you do not face problems in the future with the size.

5.     How best the sheet fits

The fit is a very critical thing to consider while buying a single bed sheet. You should go through all specifications properly before selecting any particular single bed sheet. 


These are the most critical aspects that you need to keep in mind before choosing the summer bed sheet. So next time before purchasing any bed sheet, consider the above factors very carefully. These elements will help you to save your money as well as providing you the best quality bed sheets

Leave your comments below whether you find this article helpful and which bed sheet you have chosen this summer. 


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