How often should you change your bedsheets?

Posted on: February 23rd, 2021 11:58 AM

Be it a lazy afternoon nap or a night’s restful sleep, your bed is your best mate. A perfectly styled, comfy, and a cozy bed would take the stress out of your day, leave you fresh, and energetic for your next gig, and soothe your body, mind, and soul. No doubt the quality of a bed or mattress can’t be ignored. But the bedsheets play a pivotal role in ensuring that much-needed comfort. Thus, when it comes to bedsheet purchases, you leave no details ignored.

Has it ever occurred to you? How often should you change your bedsheets? We have compiled some must-know details to care for your bedsheets that will in turn care for you!

What’s Under Your Covers?

Sometimes with the hustle-and-bustle of life, you may forget to pay attention to small yet crucial details, especially when it concerns your bedsheets. Do you know that you shed skin cells, sweat, body oils on your bedsheet every time you get atop it? This may become a breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and whatnot. These will not only interrupt your sleep cycle, but also will leave you itchy, and irritated in the morning. A gloomy mood is to be well on the platter for you.

You would want to avoid that, won’t you? So, the best logical course is to launder your sheets at regular intervals. So, the next question you may have is what’s considered a regular interval. Experts suggest washing your bedsheets once a week; you may procrastinate it to two weeks if you are really got quite a busy schedule. However, if you or your partner sweat a lot during sleep, or have dust/pollen allergies, or you have a pet to accompany you in the bed, considering washing your bedsheets twice a week. You will come home not only to a fresh looking and smelling bed but that good night’s sleep won’t seem that unachievable.

The Best Way to Wash Your Bedding

Are you wondering how often should you change your bedsheets or the best way to wash them without impacting their shine, and shade? The best way to wash your bedding is to soak it in hot water (at a temperature that your bedsheet can withstand) mixed with a dash of good quality detergent for a while, and then go for a gentle cycle on the machine. You can hand-wash them if you are up for the task as you can avoid the issue of your bedsheet losing its colour, texture, or quality after a machine-wash. Washing your sheets with hot water can do great in eliminating the allergens, aroma, sweat, oil particles, etc. Dry your bedsheets in the sun (moderate) and you may choose to iron press them to neatly stack them in your wardrobe. With this, you will have a perfect sheet ready for your next change at hand!

How Often Should You Change Your Bedsheets?

Changing or cleaning your bedsheets once every week is suggested. If you are running busy with your schedule and have not got ample time to clean your sheets, try to keep extra sets handy. Consider changing your sheets once every 7 to 10 days.

Considering changing your sheets more often if you or your partner are taken ill or have a contagious disease. You might not be aware but you may put several things at risk, your own health, your family’s safety, etc. The same goes if you have a pet on your bed. You may snuggle with your pet on the bed to your heart’s content but don’t forget to change your sheets every week.


Hope, this article has been helpful if you were struggling with the question “how often should you change your bedsheets”. Try leveraging these ideal practices to take a resort in your clean, and cozy bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do clean sheets feel so good?

To start with, clean sheets have a fresh aroma, feel lighter, breathable, and comfy compared to dirty sheets. With clean sheets, you no longer endanger your restful night’s sleep and chance waking up sweaty, clammy, and itchy thanks to the army of dust mites or bed bugs.

How often do people buy new bedsheets?

Today, purchases have become an impromptu whim. People are more likely to buy a new bedsheet every 5 to 6 months. There could be many reasons. They might not resist the great deals available online or eye to refurbish their bedding wardrobe more frequently.

How often do you change your bedsheets?

What would you say about the matter? How often do you actually change your bedsheets? Whatever has been your practice, take our word and consider changing your sheets once every week. You will soon realize the myriad of benefits altogether!

What happens if you don't change your bedsheets?

It may seem mundane to you but leaving uncleaned sheets on your bed is more detrimental. It becomes a breeding ground for allergens, dust particles, and harbors the sweaty, oily smell from your and your partner’s bodies. You are more likely to risk your quality and duration of sleep. Not to forget, you may become susceptible to a wide range of health complications.

How long can you go without changing sheets?

You may go a week or max 2 weeks without changing your sheets. But it’s not something to go by. Changing your bedsheets weekly once is considered the best practice for a calm, and comfy night.


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