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Posted on: August 4th, 2015 02:27 PM

A quilt is originally a type of blanket quilted in three layers of fiber: a layer of wadding or batting, woven back and cloth top. Unlike every other blanket, they are made in layers of cloth by stitches or ties. A particular type of fabric, the whole cloth quilt, is used for the top. It is the decorative topmost layer where a patchwork of smaller pieces of fabric is intentionally stitched. This type of fabric-making technique is called quilting.


There are several functional uses of quilts. However, because of the delicate work done in preparing and creating them and because of how they are very useful as ornaments and decorations, they are now considered important in many cultural aspects. Their decorative characteristics are the reasons why they are increasingly treated as visual art forms.


Jaipur Fabric and Jaipuri razai have presented a few other uses of quilts. Since they are very soft, smooth and comfortable, they can also be used as coverings for any other kind of beddings. They can be bed sheets, pillow cases and cushion covers. These manufacturers offer not just excellent customer services but also first-rate quality fabrics that are perfect for your taste. Their line of unequally splendid fabrics and home linens are perfectly made for your homes.


Traditionally, the designs and characteristics of quilts are based on certain important life events such as the birth of a child, marriage or graduations. But modern quilts such as the Jaipuri quilt, have improved quilting techniques to incorporate them into garment designs. These quilts are now available for use as wall hangings, tablecloth or table runners.

 With easy-to-follow instructions, any now might be able to make their own quilts and their most likely reasons for doing so would be for decoration, commemoration, campaigning, documentations, artistic expressions, traditional gifts, as a fundraiser, or for science and gardening quilting.

Jaipur Fabric produces colourful and attractive patterns of quilts at competitive prices. They are the best at offering you quality fabrics and friendly services. They introduce to you not just one of the most complete lines of authentic, first-rate Jaipur bed sheets, blankets and pillow covers, but also high-quality table covers and hand-made fabrics. These are intentionally made to help you make your own living space comfortable with a little bit of taste of elegance.


Jaipur fabric is serving clients and customers across Europe and the US. Their skilled and well-trained teams of professional experts are dedicated to provide you with quality, hand-made fabrics. And their most knowledgeable and friendly team prioritises in giving you top rate support and services. Shop now and enjoy high-quality Jaipur fabrics.


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