Hand-Made Quilts Vs Machine-Made Quilts- Which One To Buy?

Posted on: January 30th, 2021 11:01 AM

Quilts are a must-have for the cold climate. When the temperature starts dropping, the first thing you need, to feel cozy and comfortable, is a quilt. Not only do quilts have a high functional value, but they are also a great addition aesthetic wise, to your bedroom or living room. There are various types of quilts that you can find, both online and offline. Choosing the perfect quilt to suit your specific needs, is key. This blog will tell you all that you need to know about quilts, to purchase the correct one.


What is a quilt?


A quilt is basically a blanket. It is a great blanket option for those cold winter months. What makes a quilt the perfect blanket to use during the winter season is that it is multi-layered. Quilts normally consist of 3 layers. These are:

●        The uppermost layer is woven.

●        The middle layer is the layer of wadding or batting.

●        The third layer is again a woven layer.

The three layers are sewn together by the process of quilting. That is how a quilt gets this name.


Different types of quilts


The second and the third layer of a quilt is more or less the same for all quilts that you purchase. It is the topmost layer that varies. There are many types of quilts that you can find based on the seeing pattern of the upper layer. A few of these different types of quilts have been listed as follows:

●        Charm Quilt: This type of quilt is made by sewing together different types of fabric in a block-wise fashion. Every fabric square has a unique texture and pattern. These quilts are very colorful.

●        Jeans Quilt: This is self-explanatory. Such quilts are made by sewing together pieces of denim fabric. This type of quilt looks very quirky.

●        Lap Quilt: This type of quilt is perfect for keeping in your living room. This is a smaller-sized quilt. You can get such a quilt if you love to feel warm and cozy while you're watching television!

●        Lattice Quilt: These quilts look very vibrant. This is because each of the blocks of the fabric has a definitive border around them. This quilt basically has a grid-like appearance.

●        Bargello Quilt: This is probably the most unique quilt design you'll come across. This is because such quilts are woven with bargello designs. When sewn together, a wave-like pattern is created on the quilt.

The aforementioned are just a few of the various types of quilt designs you can find in a store or online.


Handmade Quilt


Handmade quilts, as the name suggests, are made by hand. Every step involved in the quilting process is executed by hand. This means there are no machines involved in making the quilt. All the chosen fabrics in the upper layer are sewn together by hand. The three layers are sewn together by hand. No sewing machines are involved in the entire process. This type of quilt requires a lot of time and effort to produce. It represents a labor of love.


Perks of using a handmade Quilt


The advantages of purchasing a handmade quilt include:

●        If you decide to buy a handmade quilt, then you are supporting local artisans who specialize in patchwork.

●        Your quilt will be one of a kind. Nobody else can have the exact quilt that you will have.

●        You can customize your quilt design to your liking. You can handpick the fabric patterns and textures.

●        You can also choose the batting material you want in your quilt if you're getting it made by hand by a local artisan.

●        The aesthetic appeal of handmade quilts is higher than machine-made quilts.


Drawbacks of a handmade quilt


The drawbacks of a handmade quilt are as follows:

●        It is a time-consuming process. The process of making a quilt entirely by hand means that it can take quite a while to make it.

●        Handmade quilts are expensive. In comparison to machine-made quilts, handmade quilts can be more expensive because it takes longer to make quilts by hand.

●        The stitching might be a bit irregular because it is made without using a machine. It is common to spot a bit of inconsistency in the stitching.

●        Uniformity is another drawback. The process of sewing all three layers together may create a bit of unevenness because depending on the type of fabric used.


Machine-made quilts


In the past, quilts were exclusively made by hand. After the invention of sewing machines, the practice of making quilts by using sewing machines has become a popular practice. Most of the quilts that you can buy online or in stores are made using sewing machines. These quilts require much less time, energy, and effort to make.


Advantages of a machine-made quilt


There are quite a few benefits of using a machine-made quilt. These include:

●        Uniformity and consistency are two of the main reasons why people started making quilts using sewing machines. The stitching looks very consistent in a machine-made quilt.

●        There are no lumps and bumps on the quilt. The thickness of a machine-made quilt is uniform. You won't find any unevenness in the blanket if it's machine-made.

●        Machine-made quilts are relatively inexpensive when compared to handmade quilts. If you're on a tight budget and you need a warm blanket, buying a machine-made quilt is a better idea.

●        These quilts can be made in a shorter time span than handmade quilts. It takes less time, energy, and effort to make a machine-made quilt. This is one of the main reasons why they are cheaper in comparison to handmade quilts.

●        Easy access. Most shops, both online and offline, sell machine-made quilts. Therefore, getting your hands on a machine-made quilt is easy.


Cons of a machine-made quilt


Although there are several advantages of using a machine-made quilt, there are a few disadvantages. These include:

●        By purchasing machine-made quilts, you will not be supporting those artisans who specialize in quilting and patchwork.

●        Machine-made quilts are not unique. If you want your quilt to be unique, then buying a machine-made quilt is not your best bet. However, if novelty is not your priority, then these quilts are great.

●        You will not be able to personalize your quilt. This is because machine-made quilts are ready to buy. If you want a quilt that is made with scraps of fabric you have at home, machine-made quilts are not a great idea to purchase.


Understand your requirements


Both handmade quilts and machine-made quilts have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when it comes to deciding whether to buy a handmade quilt or a machine-made quilt, you have to understand your own requirements. If you feel like you want to support local artisans and you don't mind spending some extra money on a quilt, then you should go for a handmade quilt. If you appreciate uniformity and do not want to spend a lot of money on a quilt, then a machine-made quilt is a better option. 


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