Jaipur Fabric

Beautifully Intricate Hand-Made Authentic Indian Bed Sheets from the Heart of Jaipur

Posted on: May 5th, 2015 11:47 AM

Jaipur, India (affectionately called the “Pink City” because of the pink hues of the buildings) lures visitors with its elegant architecture, intricate textiles and lush environment. Jaipur Fabrics takes inspiration from the natural beauty that abounds all around and weaves it into magnificently complex bedding. You will be enthralled by the intricate designs and dream-like patchwork patterns.Block printing by hand creates a mesmerizing pattern that will delight any guest and yourself. Everything is handmade to ensure Jaipur’s high standards... 

You won’t want to buy anything other than Jaipur Fabric’s bed sheets ever again. Jaipur Fabrics are designed for royalty and you will feel like part of the royal family while resting on one of our sheets. Made in India, Jaipur Fabrics ships globally and ensures complete customer satisfaction. You cannot find anything like Jaipur’s bed sheets anywhere else in the world.

Jaipur Fabrics uses the softest 100% cotton and softest silk for their sheets, Made affordable with great care to detail.


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