Gudri Kantha Dohar - Everything You Need To Know About It

Posted on: March 16th, 2021 06:22 PM

Gudri kantha work is basically a special type of embroidery work, specifically done by hand since ancient times through a technique of simple and efficient running stitch. It has been a significant part of the Indian art of doing hand embroidery and can be found in a few of the rural parts of West Bengal or the Jaipur regions of Rajasthan. This art form works as a form of providing livelihood to the women of rural Bengal. Today in this article, we will share with you a few interesting facts about this astounding piece of art!

What is a gudri Kantha dohar?

Dohar is a Hindi word that roughly translates to “layers” or, in this context, means a quilt. So a gudri Kantha dohar basically means when this hand- embroidery work is done on a quilt.

How is a gudri kantha dohar made?

The quilts can be made from a variety of materials layered together, ranging from silk fabric, or soft cotton, which is all stitched together with a very intricate handiwork of putting thousands of tiny and very delicate stitches from kantha, to create the ultimate one-of-a-kind masterpiece. These quilts usually support different and intricate pattern work on both sides, and can just be reversed to bring out entirely different patterns and design on the fabric!

No two different works of gudri kantha dohar can resemble one another!

Did you know that a very interesting fact about a gudri kantha dohar that sets it different from every other fabric and makes this one extraordinary is that every single gudri kantha work on a dohar sports a different pattern work and design from the other one? As all the gudri kantha works are done by hand on these quilts, all of them come up with new perfections as well as imperfections, each one being a little different from the previous one and a little better! And this is what brings out the unique signature work of the maker of the quilt, a very important part of her hand gestures imprinted on the quilt.

Why should you opt to buy a gudri kantha dohar?

These immensely beautiful handmade gudri kantha patch works on the dohars are absolutely stitched by hands by the artisans from West Bengal and Jaipur in India. These handiworks are done on pure and soft cotton or silk fabric, and is bound to make whichever room you place it in your home, no matter which room it is. These dohar or quilts sport vivid and bright colours, patterns, and designs, an extra ordinary print work as well as embroidery, which are created using the famous ancient traditional method of doing hand embroidery found in very rural parts of India.

The quilts have multiple layers of whichever fabric they are made of them, which when added to the irresistible pattern work, make the dohars as much comfortable as they are beautiful. Additionally, the
kantha dohars are also reversible, which means they have unique designs on both sides. So, when you get bored of seeing one pattern, you can just turn the quilt to the other side, and there you have an entirely different pattern!

The gudri kantha dohar is not only suitable for winters, as they easily absorb your body heat so that they keep you feeling heavy, warm and cosy on cold winter days, and during the warm summer days, you can simply use them as a relaxing quilt or blanket to wrap around yourself!

The gudri kantha dohar is easy to wash, which means that you can easily clean them with a cold-water wash or just go for a dry clean.

Where and how could you use a gudri kantha dohar?

These beautiful and exclusively made Dohar or quilts that bring out an intricate handiwork of ancient Indian art in various unique patterns ranging from floral patterns to a wide palette of other designs can instantly brighten up the ambience of your home with a subtle traditional Indian touch the moment you bring it home.

You may use the gudri kantha dohar for a wide variety of different scenarios. Start with instantly enhancing the beauty of your ordinary bedroom and enjoying the vibe and comfort of a unique traditional touch of the quilt.

You may also use the kantha stitched dohar as a bedding set in your living room and increase its ambience by 10 times by bringing out these traditional patterned kantha stitched quilt whenever a guest comes over for an ultra-cosy night over. Moreover, if you opt for a hand block printed Indian design for the kantha’s pattern, it will definitely brighten the mood of your entire living space. You may also use it for the multiple uses of a Kantha Ralli and a Kantha throw as well!

Final Words

Did you know that you can use a gudri kantha dohar as a bedspread as well! You can just use the dohars bedspread laid out on your duvet, quilt cover, or your blanket for whenever you are feeling the extra chill of the cold winter afternoon. Whether it is a silk fabric or silk cotton, the dohar or the quilts are guaranteed to provide you with both warmth and comfort, as well as the traditional outlook!

If you are thinking of adding a little different touch to your bed room but the weather is not one where you can use a quilt or a blanket, there is good news for you- the gudri kantha dohar work just as effectively as bed covers! Just throw the kantha on your bed, and there you have it- a very special touch of beautiful traditional Indian handwork in the middle of your very own bed room!

But why would you just flaunt your favourite gudri kantha dohar in just inside the premises of your house? Well, that is definitely not the case, for the multiple convenient uses of this astounding piece of work also includes the uses of a picnic blanket or a beach throw as well! Pack the gudri kantha dohar in your next holiday and be ready to attract admiring glances to yourself from all around!

The beautiful gudri kantha dohar has been around India for centuries, and have forever been a people’s favourite. We hope that this article helped you gain a little more knowledge about this extraordinary piece of work!


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