Glory of Rajasthan

Posted on: December 8th, 2015 04:20 PM

What is Rajasthan famous for?

            Rajasthan is very famous for the fabric and the traditional life of the people. The fabric of Rajasthan is very different and it is decorated with the different designs and colors. In the earlier times the textiles of Rajasthan used fibers such as silk, wool, cotton and others to develop attractive designs. In India there are many parts where the royal ancestry is being encouraged. Rajasthan is considered amongst them where the royal ancestry is considered to make best fabric. The Rajasthan textile and fabric is different from others as it is handmade and used in clothing. There are some skills which have been used from centuries in Rajasthan for the production o fabrics and textiles which is very famous not only in India but across the world.

Fabric and block printing in Rajasthan

            Rajasthan is also famous for hand block printing. The remarkable and magnificent combination of pink, red, orange and purple, many other combinations and some lightening given using the touch of golden and silver steals the limelight. It shows the real core block printing and though it is done with hand it seems completely finished and perfect. Most of the work is done by hand. The black printing is used in fabric for personal se and for home furnishing. The block printing is done in a proper procedure. The artisans soak the wooden blocks in the selected colors and then paste them on fabric and then it shows some wonder on the cloth. The specialty of Rajasthan block printing is floral print and pattern which are prepared with vegetable color. Overprinting of gold is also the common practice in Rajasthan and thus it makes the traditional printing of region different and unique.

Traditional wear of Rajasthan

            The glory of Rajasthan is mainly due to the bravery of Rajput rulers and their royalty. Apart from that the glory of Rajasthan is also because of the color fabric found in the state. The fabrics are found in Maru Gurjar tradition from the ancient times. They have a different sense of color and that has helped in making use of different colors and motifs as per the type of occasions. The traditional wear also differs in different regions in Rajasthan. The Garasia women wear garasion, mina women wear dhaniya chunari, and the Gurjar women prefer something else. So Rajasthan is the state which has made use of all the colors and is able to express traditions in form of colors.


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