Give your Home a Makeover this Diwali with Jaipur Fabric

Give your Home a Makeover this Diwali with Jaipur Fabric

Posted on: September 30th, 2020 12:02 PM

As we set our foot in the festive season, you will want to host a lot of get-togethers and family gatherings. While you must be wondering what to wear for Diwali, you might even consider giving your home a quick makeover too. Redoing the entire house can be difficult, but changing a few elements here and there can change your home's entire look. Apart from cleaning every nook of the house, you should consider refurbishing the rooms to ensure that your house looks amazing. But, there is no need for you to go all out and spend too much money to bring your house to the high standard you would like. Jaipur Fabric offers stunning home furnishings products that are easy on the pockets. 

Tips to Makeover your Home in This Festive Season

There are many home decor ideas for Diwali that are easy to copy, and you need to pick the ones that would be perfect for your space. Just making a few changes here and there can make your entire house feel fresh, refined, and yet timeless. Accessorizing your house in the right way can glorify your house and allow you to complete the Diwali look. Remember not to overdo the decor as it should reflect your personality. You can easily tackle each of these decor ideas in one day, but the result you get will feel like you have spent days pulling it off. 

  • Ethnic Bed Sheets

     â€“ If you have for long shrug off the idea to make your bedroom look beautiful and peaceful, it is the right time to use home decor ideas 2020 and make your bedroom the room of your dreams. You'll be surprised at how something as basic as the bedsheets can make such a big difference to your room. If you have light-colored walls, laying this fantastic flower colorful double bedsheet will give your room a warm and more natural feeling. Our pink floral double bed sheet would liven up even small bedrooms and would go perfectly with a traditionally decorated room. 

  • Curtains

     Windows form an important element of our homes. They allow natural light and air into the house and guide the placement of the furniture. But, we often overlook the dressing of the windows. If you have old and ill-fitting curtains that have been there for years, it's time to give your windows a complete makeover. This ethnic yet modern flair of sky blue tree print curtains will look great in your living room or the bedroom. Another great option is our bold printed maroon curtains to create a more beautiful and playful space.  

  • Diwan Sets

     â€“ Diwan sets are the most difficult pieces of furniture to dress. But, diwan sets from Jaipur Fabric can allow you to add enough life into the room to finish off the space. When picking diwan sets, look for designs that will add an element of warmth such as this black red floral paisley diwan set. If you have white or light-colored furniture in the living room, our colorful patchwork royal diwan set will add some interesting contrast to the room. 

  • Cushion Covers

     â€“ Whether you are looking for accessories for your living room or some interesting home decor ideas for bedroom, then changing cushion covers will easily add some glamour to your home. If you have a light-colored sofa that looks bland, use cushions with cream-based golden leaf cushion covers on either end to complete the look. Ethnic and geometric print cushion covers will look good with any decor and bring dull wooden furniture to life. 

  • Sofa Covers

    – If you have an old, worn-out sofa, but do not want to spend on a new sofa, using sofa covers can make all the difference to your living room. They not only complement your room but also protect your sofa from stains. Choose from the color palette that best matches the decor of your living room. Make a statement with our satrangi golden blue sofa set cover and coordinate it with an area rug and matching curtains.

Purchasing new furniture every Diwali is not possible for anyone. But, rearranging the furniture slightly and changing the upholstery are great ways to set the festive mood. Style your home in an easy and inexpensive way by choosing the right home linens from Jaipur Fabric for different rooms and areas of the house. Use the above home decor ideas for the living room, bedroom, and any other room to create a clean and streamlined look this festive season. 


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