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Give a Festive Makeover to Your Home with Premium Festive Bedsheets

Posted on: October 13th, 2022 09:57 AM

The festival of Diwali is knocking on the door! Are you ready with your home décor ideas? Diwali is one of the festivals in Indian culture, where people décor their home to welcome goddess Laxmi to seek their blessing. 

Decorating your home for Diwali will not only please your guests, but it will also add positivity and prosperity to your life. The bedding plays an essential role in the home décor as it simply pops up the color of the bedroom décor and enhances the overall interior perfectly. 

When it comes to decorating your home with premium festive bedsheets, you will find a plethora of designs and options in the market. Choose a bed sheet that not only meets your festive needs but also ensures comfort and quality to you. 

Here we have listed the top festive bedsheet ideas that will help you with your home décor and add instant festive vibes to your home. 

1. Silk bed sheets:

Silk is one of the premium materials, which offer comfort, softness, and shine. The silk bed sheets are one of the best choices for the festive season as they will add instant shine and color to your bedroom décor and add instant festive vibes. 

Silk is a natural material, which will not only spice up the interior of your bedroom but will also keep you comfortable. You can find some lively colors including yellow, golden, maroon, and red in the range of silk bedsheets. 

The lively colors will also complement your interior and get your room Diwali-ready.   

2. Zari embroidered bed sheets:

Zari is a rich artwork, which is crafted using golden thread. You can discover zari embroidered bedsheets in silk material for this festive season and give a fresh festive makeover to your rooms. 

Zari embroidered bedsheets are available in vibrant colors and the golden artwork simply enhances the overall style of the bedding and gives them a perfect festive look. 

Adding Zari embroidered bedsheets to your bedroom décor will effortlessly add shine and color to your room and you don’t have to work hard on your bedroom décor. 

3.  Embroidered lace work bedsheet:

If you are looking for a classy premium bedsheet for your bedroom for this festive season that effortlessly uplifts the interior and luxury of your room, then you should go with embroidered lace work bedsheet. 

The embroidered lace work silk bedsheets come with a combination of embroidery and lace work. You will find multiple shades in a single bedsheet, which can add some rich colors and simply boost the basic interior of your bedroom. 

Design these bedsheets with a silk rug to complete the final look. You can also add artificial lights around the window to enhance the brightness of your room and enjoy the festive vibes. 

4. Mirror work bedsheet:

Mirrorwork is one of the famous artworks of Rajasthan. If you are inspired by Rajasthani prints and artwork, then a mirror work bedsheet is the right choice for you during this festive season. 

The mirror work bedsheet comes in a combination of thread work and zari work, which gives a royal look to the bedding. Plus, you will also find Rajasthani prints including elephant and camel prints. 

These bedsheets will instantly boost the interior of your bedroom and allow you to enjoy the royal vibes in this festive season. You can create a mirror decor theme and pair the bed sheet with interesting mirror work and catch the eyes of your guests. 

5. Rajwada pattern cotton bedsheet:

Rajwada is one of the famous Jaipuri bedsheets, which include royal colors like pinks and blues in a combination of animal and hand-block prints. The rich colors and Rajasthani patterns enhance the beauty of the bed sheet and make it perfect for the festive season. 

If you want to uplift the basic décor of your bedroom by adding some luxury, then these bedsheets are the best choice for you. It will pop out the colors of your room and compliment your existing bedroom interior simply. 

You can enhance the beauty of your bedroom by adding paintings, frames, and golden curtains in your bedroom. 

Festive bed covers:

Along with buying festive bedsheets, don’t forget to get the right festive bed covers for your room. The bed covers not only protect your bed from unwanted dust and dirt, but it protects the shine and comfort of your bed sheet as well. 

So, if you don’t want to ruin the elegance of your expensive bedsheets until your guests come, then you can protect them by using cotton bed covers. So, you don’t have to stop your children to climb the bed and you can get ready for the festive night without any worry. 

Get festive bed covers that provide attractive prints, colors, and designs along with exceptional comfort to you. 


1.  What should I look for while buying festive bedsheets?

The color and design are one of the important factors that you need to look at while buying bed sheets for the festive season as they will contribute to your room décor and set a festivevibe. Secondly, you have to focus on fabric quality to ensure that you are investing money in quality bedding. Third, you have to consider comfort to enjoy a comfortable nap.  

2.  Are sheets a good Diwali gift?

Yes, the premium festive bedsheets are one of the best choices for a Diwali gift. You can simply send a classic bed sheet to your loved ones. It is a useful gift, which they will surely love. You can pick a bed sheet according to your interest and send a valuable gift this Diwali to your loved ones. 

3. Can I buy cotton bed sheets for the festive season?

The cotton bed sheets work amazingly all around the year. You can decorate your bedroom with premium cotton bed sheets instead of any other option. Ensure, you get a cotton bed sheet that includes some fancy details to add a festive vibe to your room. 

In the nutshell: 

Jaipur fabric is offering a plethora of designs for premium festive bedsheets and bed covers. So, let’s discover the amazing range to find the best match for you. 


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